Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Word of the Day: How to speak Tamarese.

Wookie-suiter: (whuh'-kē soo'-tər) n.

A libertarian. Esp. one who owns multiple Mosin-Nagants and a longbox full of comic books, reads science fiction, and refers to their minivan as the "Millennium Falcon".

"I am not a wookie-suiter! I don't even own a minivan; the Millennium Falcon is a BMW convertible!"


  1. Chewie seems to be shorter and broader than I recall, but then gravity makes fools of us all.

  2. What's wrong with Nagants? I don't own a minivan, and I refer to my large, mid-80's GMC SUV as "The Subhuman".

    But I can make pretty good Wookie noises.

  3. I am not a paulite, have no nagants, and I call my Explorer "The Exploder".

    Though I do have a minivan. I call it "Vanna White"

  4. Hmm, I have a mini-van, as yet unnamed.

    No Nagant, but I do have a Lee-Enfield. Given the general pain-in-the-assness of getting to a rifle range, it'd have to be a darn good deal to get another longarm. Besides, I just got my P6 refinished.

    But, I did vote Paul. I have 6 long boxes (and a couple of shorts) of comics (that I need to get rid of.. who wants a run of Lobo? Team 7? Come on, anyone?). Shelves of scifi. I guess that makes me...Um... maybe that Y-wing pilot in the distance on episode 6.

  5. How about a "not any one-sentence political philosophy" guy with a couple of short boxes of old comics in the attic, reads science fiction, owns one Mosin-Nagant (among other things that go bang) and an Impala with no name?

    Please tell me that pic is photoshopped ...

  6. "Please tell me that pic is photoshopped ..."

    Sadly, no.

  7. If that's Tamarese, what's Tamarind?

  8. ...an ingredient of Worcestershire sauce.

  9. "I am not a wookie-suiter! I don't even own a minivan; the Millennium Falcon is a BMW convertible!"

    Funny...when I read that, I couldn't help hearing the following running through my brain:

    "I'm a faithful follower of Brother John Birch and I belong to the Antioch Baptist Church...and I ain't even got a garage! You can call home and ask my wife!"

    Ah, the '70s. What a gas.

  10. I have a Volvo called the Aluminum Falcon . . .

  11. Oh Mistress, can you teach me the art of Tam-Fu?

  12. The Infamous Oregon Lawhobbit10:46 PM, August 18, 2009

    Hokey ancient statist religions are no match for a good free-market blaster at your side, kid. :D

  13. (l)ibertarian, check (does the small 'l' count?)
    Multiple Nagants, check (even an 1895 Nagant pistol!!!)
    Comic books, um, no, at least not in any quantity...I think I have a 'Superman dies' issue and a 'Wolverine' or two.
    Sci-fi, occasionally.
    And finally, the minivan is a '77 Caprice station-wagon (in awesome condition), which is called 'Big Blue Sue the B-52'

  14. Oh yeah, bonus points: I have a full beard, and my hair IS gettin' kinda shaggy.

  15. Uh, let's see...small "l," sure, but I have no Nagants at the moment, and my car is a 1999 Malibu: Malibu, from the Gee'emese, meaning "nondescript disposable leasemobile."

    I gave my long box to my cousin years ago -- I have a volume of Girl Genius and an old original Buck Godot: PSmith, (okay, I grant that's suspicious), a few random issues of The Spirit revival, few issues of the English translations of Lone Wolf and Cub with the Frank Miller covers, and, let's see...

    ...uh-oh: a collected V for Vendetta. Worse, I used to have some of the original Warrior magazines with "Marvelman" and "V for Vendetta."

    sigh My name is Ken, and I appear to be from Kashyyyk (do I have enough Ys there?).

    WV: anaulam, which could be a Wookiee vocalization, a short one anyway.

  16. I call my Versa "Serenity", but I shoot single shots mostly...my two brass-chuckers are a S&W 411, and a Deerstalker by the late, great William Ruger. All the rest require some manual manipulations. My toter is a wheelie.

  17. While I am somewhat furry, I own no Nagants, and consider the minivan to be an unholy abomination. I do own and old truck named the War Machine, though.

  18. Libertarian? Sort of...used to own a Nagant. Got a few comics left here and there, I'd have more if I could, though. Science fiction? Oh, yeah - getting back into the old, good stuff. Minivan? Yep, had to get one, or they would have run us out of Zionsville. It's a Honda Odyssey, named Homer. Think that the Empire is way over-represented at cons by all those 501st Legion guys, and that somebody should put together a gritty Rebel resistance unit (with actual gun-handling skills)? Check! Need to shed a few (more than a few...) pounds before that, so he won't look like a very well-fed Rebel? Erm, check...

    What? I've never even been to Kashyyyk!

  19. No Mosin nagants.
    Ron Who? oh! that Ron
    Maybe an issue of X-men and the Stephen King Gunslinger comics.
    I drive a Subaru. it does have the Millenium Falcon hangin from the rear view mirror.

  20. The Mosin-Nagant belongs to my step-son. I haven't voted for Ron Paul since 1988, when I still had hopes of the Libertarian Party becoming a political party instead of a fringe religious cult. My mother threw out all my comic books when we moved in 1967. I haven't read any science fiction since my subscription to Analog ran out. And the only vehicle I ever named was a 1965 Chev pickup truck with a home-made wooden camper top. It kind of waltzed down the road and I called it Matilda.

    Not a wookie suiter, but I do have sympathies in that direction.

  21. Hmm. Small "l" libertarian, right.
    Own a Mosin Nagant, right. (Hey, at $65 including shipping I just couldn't pass it up!)
    Comic books. Er... gave most of them away 25+ years ago. Still have a few... maybe half a dozen. OTOH, I do have 4 bookcases packed with SF and another 5 boxes in the basement that are going to go to OperationPaperback...
    Millennium Falcon? That was a '73 Mazda RX-2 that was painted white... and gray primer, and red primer and silver primer (looked like it had the measles). Called it the Millennium Falcon because everyone's first reaction to it was identical to Luke's - "What a piece of junk!".

    But it was fast... just like the original. Never did find the top end on it; it was somewhere above 120MPH but when you live in northern NJ, there's not a lot of room to wind out a sportscar.

  22. ::sniff::

    Only a poor Star Wars fan misspells Wookiee.

  23. A friend had a Blazer we called the Millennium Falcon. His wife named it when she quoted Leia: "You came here in that? You're braver than I thought."

  24. "Only a poor Star Wars fan misspells Wookiee."

    If I spelled it like that, people might think I was a wookie-suiter.

  25. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E0PIdWdw15U

  26. Hmm. I don't own a Wookie suit, despising as I do both the Star Wars and Star Trek idioms, having done so since I was a little kid in the 60s with subscriptions to Analog, Galaxy, and even F&SF.

    However, I do admit to being somewhat excessively earnest and socially awkward, and having the drawings for a Grandin squeezebox on my hard drive. (Along with that yachting picture, Tam. Sigh)

    In other words, I sympathize with the weird guy, but suggest that he seek counseling from someone who is more adept than he is at practical politics.

  27. Hey, Tam! That ain't right! Lessee: I only own five Mosin-Nagants, I don't have a minivan (I call my Ridgeline my Brokeback Pickup) and I would rather eat my own scrotum with a rusty knife and fork than vote for Ron Paul...

    I do, however, read a lot of Science Fiction (I also have a comprehensive Pratchett collection), and I have been known to peruse the occasional comic book (ahem).

    I would describe myself as a conservative with libertarian leanings in some areas. Oh hell - maybe I AM a wookie-suiter!

    Kevin K

  28. ...aaaaand Kevin wins the intarwebz award for 'Vivid Imagery in Text' for today!

  29. Sold Old Blue the 72 chevy van, regret that. Have 1 Nagant (m44), one Enfield (#4 MK 1), one Mauser (Israeli .308), GAVE AWAY all my comix in '67 when I went into the USAF, waaah!

    Blogged AGAINST Ron Paul...

    Diehard Star Wars fanboy, stood in freezing rain 3 hours to see Ep. 4 in '77 in it's first run...

  30. I just love the picture. Aaaa-yo, Wookie-suit come and me wan' go home.
    When I think of wookie-suitor, I think poor Wookieman - him wan' a proper suitor wookie-babe.

  31. Former Goldwater Republican, now Libertarian, check
    Science Fiction Fan, check
    used to own comics, long ago and far away, check
    Used to be hairy enough to pass for a Wookie, check
    Own a 92 and a Remington 700 in 308 and some wierd stuff, check
    Ford PU named "Mutant Ogre" check
    Do I win a suit?


  32. No Nagants though I do have a Crossman 160 hiding behind a Sears Ted Williams Match Rifle moniker (along with a bunch of old Sheridan’s and miscellaneous others). And I wouldn’t call Thunder a minivan, exactly. He’s actually a Vanagon Westfalia full camper. And I look more like Santa than Chewbacca. As for political leanings I’d call myself a born again conservative. None of the liberals I used to hang around with can understand it. Of course they’ve yet to start actually thinking about the socialist crap that’s being spoon fed to them. Kool-aid? No thanks!

  33. Oh god, I'm in trouble. I have three long boxes as well as JLA 1-8 and GL 1-5. i refer to my scion as the defiant and my house as DS-9

  34. Nagant's? 2 of 'em!Possibly 3 as I am stopping by the Man's Mall (aka. Fleet Farm) where they have 91/30's for 89 bucks!
    Comics. A few, somewhere!
    Military Sci-Fi? YES! Lots!!
    Van? How about 2 Buicks and my '93 Suburban known as the Utility Vehicle, will haul anything, pull the boat and go deep into the woods to so we can hunt and kill something.

    And Star Wars? Seen every damn one of them!!

  35. Small 'l' libertarian? Check

    Multiple Mosin-Nagants? Just one right now, and while another doesn't top my wish list, I wouldn't oppose owning more than one.

    Longbox of comic books? Several, but they haven't been in the same state as my domicile for over a decade.

    Reads science fiction? I read a good deal of sci-fi in my youth. I mostly read blogs, some other web sites, my twitter feed, Linux man pages, and NRA magazines these days.

    Minivan named "Millenium Falcon"? Nope. The old Subaru Legacy AWD is named "Super Roo" and I never named the pickup.

    Weighing all five criteria equally, and applying partial credit for applicable answers, I reckon that makes me between 50-60% Wookie-suiter.

  36. I am Sith.


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