Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Automotif LI...

Spotted this in the parking lot of the Marsh supermarket out in Brownsburg while heading home from Premier Arms...

It appears to be somebody's '63 Chevy Bel Air wagon, being driven around while halfway into project car status...

 Check out the metalflake candy-apple red interior! With matching shift knob!

And although it's not immediately apparent in this photo, yes the engine is painted metalflake candy-apple red to match the dash.

Monday, September 29, 2014


A hundred rounds of Remington UMC ball ammo today with no malfunctions to report. Total round count now at 1500; five hundred to go until bath time. Although I've got a reasonable amount of trigger time on the PPX at this point, the long and light trigger still gets me throwing the occasional shot a little low when I try and run it fast.

I figured out one way to shave time from my glacially slow reloads from concealment. At some point during a string of "1-reload-1" drills I realized that my hand is clearing my gun burkha by throwing it way back out of the way, thereby moving way past the magazine on my hip. I then have to move my hand back forward and make a complete second motion to grab the magazine. I don't know how much time I'll get by just "wiping" my hand toward the mag under the shirt, but it's got to improve the 2.75-3.55 reload times I was seeing today. (The PPX's mag well is a separate issue. It's not friendly for the speed reload...)

None of those are the biggest surprise.

The other day, CNN ran a piece on the "five biggest surprises" of our not-really-a-war,-honest in Syria. (This is kinda like a war, only our president has promised we won't stick our military in too far.)

Oddly, not one of their five line items was about how suddenly cool bombing hadjis is with mainstream Democrats when it's Barry's idea. No giant papier-mâché Obama heads on the local campuses or picket signs with caricatures of the president as a warmongering Pan troglodyte (you can only do that when the prez is a cracker, otherwise it's disrespectful of the office and racist... which have been pretty much the same thing since January of '09, come to think of it.) Instead it's just more "Kumbayah", only with a chorus about drone strikes.

I found this image at Random Nuclear Strikes

Sunday, September 28, 2014

More on Moore...

The fact that Mr. Vaughan apparently fetched a heater from his vehicle has triggered mention of "gun in parking lot" laws, like Indiana and many other states have enacted.

It is my considered opinion that those laws are entirely about the convenience of CCW holders, in that they allow a person to tote to and from work, but they don't amount to a hill of beans when it comes to stopping a fox that's actually gotten into the chicken coop.

Let me think over some of the last office-type gigs I worked...

There was the one where I was working in the shipping & receiving room of a Fortune 500 company's regional offices: I was in a windowless back room on the twelfth floor of an office tower. If I'd heard shooting and craziness out in the offices, I could have bailed out the service door and headed down the fire stairs... to fetch my gun in the parking garage twelve floors below? Sorry, I left my cape at home today.

The secretarial gig at the scientific equipment company in the office park? If somebody had come in through the front door, he'd have been between me and my car. A pistol locked in the trunk of the Fiero might as well have been on Mars for all the good it would have done. Again, I'd be bailing out the back door yelling "Feets don't fail me now!" like a Looney Tunes character.

At the airport? I had a motorcycle. Where the hell was I supposed to lock the gun? Besides, the motorcycle was parked in the hangar right next to my office door. If I heard somebody yelling "Aloha Snackbar!" over in the FBO and I could get to the bike, my next action would not be to pull a Beretta Tomcat out from under the seat and go face down an unknown number of Kalashnikovs with it. No, I'd be takin' the highway to the danger zone across the taxiways and out the airport gates.

Besides, if I get out to the parking lot and get my gun from wherever it's secreted in the vehicle, by the time I could get back into the building, the first responding officers would be showing up. They'll be amped up, switched on, and looking for a crazy person with a gun running around inside the offices of I.N.C. Inc., and the batteries are dead on my "DON'T SHOOT! GOOD GUY!" beacon.

There's the occasional instance of a good guy running out to safety and then back in to the sound of the guns to save the day, but they are the exceptions that prove the rule. While a gun in the parking lot might be a few minutes closer than the gun in the holster of a responding cop, the fastest response is the gun you have on your person right then.

Certified by Undertaker Laboratories.

My roommate often says that she commutes from the 1930s, and let me tell you, the 1930s are a dangerous place!

Because I hate wasting good material at an away game...

From a conversation at Joel's place about the Oklahoma nutter and the Last Boy Scout (no, seriously) who busted the necessary caps in his ass:
I have heard reports (which I have not confirmed, but why wait for that? Nobody else does,) that he ran to his car to fetch a piece, and if I had a Glock in the glove box and an AR in the trunk, you’d better cool believe it’s the trunk key I’ll be fumblin’ for.

If so, that raises a couple further interesting questions:
  1. Did Vaughan Foods have a No Totin’ policy?
  2. If so, was the COO, despite being not only the top banana but also a reserve po-po, following that policy?
  3. Also if so, will that policy be changing in light of recent events?
A bit of googlin' later...
Nosing around, it does seem from this account (the most detailed I’ve found yet) that Vaughan fetched a carbine from his trunk. Which makes sense, because if I’m heading off to shoot somebody, I’m grabbing the biggest heater I have access to.
As folks who work in emergency services can tell you, while some volunteer po-po, firefighters, or EMT are whackers, the majority of them are actually painfully earnest and civic-minded people.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

His opinion means less than zero to me.

Bret Easton Ellis is running his suck about kids these days and how they need to get off his lawn, because they're not all studly like they were when he was one back in the '70s and '80s. (Like the pages of Vanity Fair are such a bully pulpit for calling people "wusses" in the first place; it's enough to sprain your eye-rolling muscles.)

Keep on truckin'.

I'm normally not a big fan of off-road pick 'em ups, but this video is just sick. I've watched it, like, three times already.

Wait, seriously?

Actual trigger tag seen today at the Mountain of Geese. Rendered doubly chucklesome by the fact that the company's gone by the much easier to spell "Para USA" moniker for a half dozen years now.

"Is that a dirk in your sporran, or are you just happy to see me?"

Kilted To Kick Cancer team fundraising totals as of 0700 today. Go pick an underdog and put 'em over the top! Only a few days to go!

Friday, September 26, 2014

The Religion of "Workplace Violence"

This blood's no good for dancing, I guess.

Although much is being made in news articles about the guy being shot by "a sheriff's deputy", if you listen to the briefing, the "deputy" in question was the Chief Operating Officer of the food company who came out of his office and shot the bad guy off of his employee with a (presumably) concealed handgun. He just happened to be a "reserve deputy", maybe as a civic service thing, maybe because he'd contributed to the sheriff's election campaign; I don't know how those things work down in Oklahoma.

I bet he didn't think he was going to need to use that gun on a decapitation crazy Muslim convert when he went to work at his office job in suburban Oklahoma this morning.

I shouldn't have made fun of Hornady Z-Max.

Judging from the internet, part of being a "prepper" is that any time a news story comes on about something that could be bad, Solar flare EMPbola 5N stock market ISILflation crashes, or whatever, you warn everybody that "This is it!" and then run down to the basement and load magazines while rolling around atop a pile of MREs until it's time to go to work the next day, and sometimes that seems a little silly but...

...zomg! This is it! ZOMBIES!

Be right back. I gotta go load magazines while rolling around on my pile of MREs.

On a more serious note, this is a good reminder about how hard it is to treat diseases like Ebola with the resources of a Third World medical system, where not-actually-dead-yet people are getting carted to the cemetery. (And remember, if you're a prepper of the doomsday variety: If there is a TEOTWAWKI event, you'll wish that your post-apocalypse medical system was as robust as that of, say, Liberia.)

(H/T to Jim at SurvivalBlog.com for the link.)

Holder's Legacy

Fast & Furious, "Civil Rights" investigations that amount to pandering at best (and vote-buying with double jeopardy abuses at worst), the beat goes on...

Like most Attorneys General, the outgoing occupant of one of the highest patronage positions in the land was the Long Arm of his patron's ideology, and the Department of Justice's "Operation Choke Point" was a splendid example of Holder's DoJ acting as the current administration's whip hand.

Going to flea markets or walking the floor at GenCon, little smartphone-operated credit card swipers from Square, Inc. are ubiquitous, but you won't see them at gun shows (or, if you do, they're playing chicken with the company's user agreement.)

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Tab Clearing...

Amazing mashup...

I really hates me some cancer.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Moved a hundred rounds closer to the PPX getting a bath as well as burned up a hundred rounds of that nasty Sumbro stuff, so yay for killing two birds with one stone.

Getting somewhat more comfortable on the 25 yard plates. Gotta pick up the pace.

A hundred rounds of 124gr FMJ through the gun with no malfunctions to report, bringing the total to 1400 rounds. (Nasty-smelling, dirty, unburned-powder-leaving Macedonian ammo with probably a 100+ fps range in velocities, if muzzle reports and previous chrono runs are anything to go by.)

Gun Fixery...

Good basic post on getting started with simple home gunsmithing chores at WeaponsMan.

A few years back, when my visits to the gunsmithing shack became quarterly rather than hourly, I had to start doing more of my own gun chores rather than just dropping them off with the guys. This post would have been a handy headspace check when I was in that "Ohmigod, now I have to go buy my own copy of one of everything they had out in gunsmithing" phase.

Kilted To Kick Cancer 2014...

...is winding up in about a week and I haven't thrown the official, albeit diminished, VFTP Endorsement & Support to anybody yet. I've usually eschewed traditional juggernauts like Team JayG because "rooting for the New York Yankees is like rooting for U.S. Steel" and picked the underdogs of Team Atomic Nerds, however Stingray has thrown his support to the also fairly juggernautish Team Ambulance Driver this year.

Since Team Borepatch is performing strongly without needing my help, I'm going to split the official endorsement between Team McThag and Team Guns & Coffee this year. Go Team(s)!