Thursday, January 19, 2017

Seen at SHOT yesterday...

Guy is standing there, guarding two of those rolling RSR milk crates that people fill with all the brochures and catalogs that they could download from websites instead of check as overweight baggage, while his buddy is off taking a leak or buying a corn dog or slice of convention center pizza or whatever.

Both milk crates are stacked to the brim with the little manufacturer logo tote bags being handed out, twenty and thirty apiece of Aimpoint and Nikon and Springfield Armory...because these can be used for shopping bags back at the store, see?

Guy's shirt is unbuttoned to the xiphoid process, medallion resting in his chest pelt, thick gold bracelet, and fistfuls of rings...he's a wide collar away from looking like an extra from Saturday Night Fever.

And I'm standing there myself, waiting on someone to get back, spending the longest three minutes of my life having to bite my tongue to keep from asking "So what's the name of your pawn shop? I see. And where in Jersey did you say it was?"

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Sig Sauer VIP Range Day pics, part 2...

Sig Sauer 716
When Sig Sauer announced an in-house optics line, it was hard to escape an ingrained reflex: Generally when you see anything from pocket knives to parkas with a gun company name/logo on it, it's junky licensed merchandise where the company's trying to make a fast buck hawking their legacy to people who will pay money to advertise the company's name on a crappy Taiwanese Zippo clone.

Thus, the initial supposition when you see that Sig is going to have their name on optics is that they're going to be godawful airsoft-grade Chinesium garbage like Barska or UTG. Then you hear "No, Sig isn't licensing their name to someone, they started their own optics division."

"You mean they bought some lame brand like Tasco and...?"

"No, Sig stood up an entire new optics division and poached talent from around the industry to do it. They've designed their own scopes. Manufacture is definitely farmed out to various contractors, though."


I remain very wary. Optics are someplace where the penalties for cheaping out can be immediate and harsh, but these do not appear to be cheap optics at all. I was proven wrong in my skepticism for the Burris MTAC, so I'm willing to be proven wrong again.

JayG is happy because he hit the thing and wants everyone to know.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Beginner's Luck...

So, all the shooting had wrapped up at the Sig Sauer shindig on Sunday, the firing line had been secured for the evening, and they were getting the reception rolling.

As I skirted the bar they were setting up on the sidewalk, I put a foot wrong on the edge of the sidewalk and felt it roll toward the dirt. I fought to keep my balance, but I'd come straight from the airport and had my suitcase slung over one shoulder and my laptop/camera bag over the other and I was seriously top-heavy.

I fell flat on my face.

Well, flat on my camera, and then my face.

The Hasselblad, despite some scuffs on the body and the eyepiece being packed full of dirt, continues to function.

Initially, I felt fine and was walking it off. I stashed my bags at the Grayguns table, found a gin & tonic, and stood around.

Then I sat around.

When I stood up to walk to the shuttle bus back to town with the Grayguns crew and various Sig Sauer peeps, my leg was hurting pretty badly. I limped to the bus and my knee nearly gave out going up the boarding steps. I was in enough discomfort that I spent a forty minute bus ride sitting right behind Max Michel and didn't ask for a single tip or pointer.

By the time I got off the bus, it was pretty obvious that something was bad wrong. My right leg would hardly support any weight and the outside of my leg just below the knee was super tender to the touch. Bruce Gray found a wheelchair and helped me get settled in at the hotel while dinner plans were bandied about.

I (foolishly) tried to cowgirl up for dinner, but walking a hundred yards through the parking garage at dinner that night left that right leg hurting as bad as it's ever hurt. And that's the leg with steel in it; "as bad as it's ever hurt" was the exposed ends of the shattered tibia dragging on asphalt, so my "10" on the pain scale is a little bit above "oh, I bruised my shin."

Thank you Michael for rescuing me with a wheelchair. Sorry to everyone at dinner for my constant grimacing and yelps of pain at the dinner table.

By the time I got back to the hotel room, I practically needed to be helped onto the bed, where I passed out fully clothed in the only position that was pain-free: Lying flat on my back with a bag of ice on my knee.

I woke up the next morning in the same position with a bag of tepid water on my knee. I spent Monday in the motel room, keeping weight off my foot and  using crutches to get around any time I needed to stand.

My Facebook status this morning:
"My right leg is feeling deceptively good.
By "good", I mean it is in no pain after a day of staying off it and my left leg actually hurts worse from doing all the work yesterday.
By "deceptively", I mean that there is literally no medical condition of the knee that could have felt the way it did night before last and been fine today."
I'll be doing SHOT Show in a scooter. (Thank you, Trevor.)

Monday, January 16, 2017

Sig Sauer VIP Range Day pics, part 1...

I finally got to put a few rounds through the new US-manufactured Sig Sauer P210 on the range yesterday afternoon.

Obviously a little bit of familiarization is not any kind of thing to base judgments on (at least if you're smart) but I'm cautiously optimistic. It has that same heft and a slide that ran like it was on greased roller bearings...
The trigger was classic target pistol. Probably slightly under three pounds and went from "Applying pressure" to "Making loud noise" with not much in the way of a perceptible transition between the two states. It would definitely take more than a couple magazines of ammunition to really get the feel for it.

I would love to put a couple cases through one of these at some point. Between being built on the right side of any tariff walls, CNC machining, and using MIM fabrication where they could, the price point looks to be in the middlin' decent 1911 range. Given that the 210 is a pistol design from the same broad generation of pistols (in other words, before stampings, castings, and polymer injection molding) there's a lower limit to the price point you can build this sort of gun to and still get a gun that functions like you want in the accuracy and reliability departments.

Purists will howl, like they do about current S&W revolvers or any gun, really, that wasn't built of parts lovingly hand-carved in a workshop in a hollow tree by forest elves, but the proof will be in the shooting.

Attention Hoosiers...

Contact your legislators and make sure they know you'd appreciate their support for House Bill 1159*, which removes the requirement for a permit to carry a concealed handgun in Indiana, but leaves the option of getting a permit for reciprocity purposes.

Indiana already has some of the most liberal gun laws in the nation, but there're still a final few steps to take. Since our new First Lady is a firearms instructor and one of the big pre-inauguration events was held at the range at Camp Atterbury, I'm hoping that the years of the Holcomb administration will see us fix bayonets, grab flamethrowers, head down into the last few bunkers of anti-gun legislation in the state code and root them out in a final mopping up action.

Constitutional Carry and Campus Carry...also the archaic restriction against using handguns as collateral for a loan, and apparently there's a (largely ignored) ban on plastic coated ammunition because armor piercing or something. I've lived here nearly a decade and didn't even know about that one.

(*This is a big improvement over the bill filed a few sessions ago that just struck all the permit language from the law entirely, root and branch.)


Details to follow...

Saturday, January 14, 2017


Yesterday's range trip marked 14,000 rounds through Glocks since I started logging this stuff in November.


Friday was my last range trip before heading to SHOT, so I just decided to have some fun with the noisemakers: 10mm Auto and .357SIG...

The .357SIG I was trying to see just how fast I could run it. I probably should have gone a little slower, as that egregiously dropped shot shows. That's what happens when your trigger finger sets the pace, rather than the sight picture.

After the range trip I headed over to Twenty Tap for lunch...

The special of the day was a burger au poivre, which was delicious. Twenty Tap's burger game is on point, and their specials rarely disappoint. (Be sure to order some horseradish aoli for dipping your fries.) I paired it with a 10 Speed Hoppy Wheat with Mango, from Bloomington Brewing Company.

Overheard in the Bathroom...

Bobbi is showering. I go into the bathroom to hang a freshly-laundered towel. The door creaks as I let myself in...
RX: *uncertainly* "Hello?"

Me: "Yeah?"

RX: *relieved* "Oh, it's you."

Me: "Well, who else would it have been?"

RX: "It could have been anybody."

Me: "No it couldn't. Did you..."

RX: "It could have been horrible insectoid aliens, scraping the ceiling with their armored carapaces!"

Me: "Did you hear gunfire?"

RX: "Why would you shoot the aliens? You're one of them!"

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Much maverick. So swamp. Very draining. Wow.

Gotta say that Sessions is one of [Trump's] least inspiring picks.

A God-bothering SoCon drug warrior career politician for GOP AG? Wow. That's so maverick. I can feel the swamp draining.

Day Seventy-Three:

Freakishly warm. Took advantage of a gap in rain bands, but carried an umbrella along just in case. Fifty miles northwest of here, it's thirty degrees colder. Breezy.

1.01 miles in 16:30 at an average heart rate of 141bpm.


Quarter Thousand

Another hundred rounds of TulAmmo through the Sig Sauer P250 yesterday morning.

This makes 250 rounds without a stoppage. The 250's hammer-fired ignition system definitely has an easier time lighting off hard Russian primers than the striker in the 320 or Glock. Looking back over my notes, statistically speaking I'd have had at least one light hit by now with those guns.

At 250 rounds and a fair amount of dry fire, I've gotten to the point where I can hold the ten-ring at seven yards with splits in the high .6's and low .7s. I'd say I'm about as familiarized with the trigger as I'm likely to get unless I really dedicate myself to it and start carrying it, which is unlikely to happen at the moment, especially since the only IWB holster I have for it is the Comp-Tac Flatline which, while adequate, isn't really what I like in an IWB holster.

Overheard in the Office...

Me: "Oh, God, SHOT Show runup time. If you have media creds, your email inbox just fills up with stuff like 'Come see us at Booth 3.14159 for a demo of our new deer piss infused nylon Kryptek holster. We're revolutionizing the shooting industry!'"

RX: "With deer piss?"

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Double Action Only

Yes, I know Jeff Cooper opined that there could be no such thing as a "double action only" pistol because he thought that "double action" meant that the pistol could be fired two ways. In this, he was incorrect, as the "double" in "double action" meant that the trigger performed the double actions of both cocking the piece and firing it as opposed to the single action of merely dropping the already-cocked hammer.

Anyhow, I spent yesterday morning at the range reacquainting myself with the DAO trigger on the Sig Sauer P250, which hadn't seen much use in my hands since finishing up the 2,000 round test in its .380 Compact guise early last year.

One hundred rounds of TulAmmo 115gr FMJ. The stuff works much better in the Sig Sauer mags than even the factory Glock ones, but you still want to watch for binding issues. It helps to make sure each cartridge is slid fully rearward before inserting the next round atop it.

The top group was at five yards at about a 1-rd/sec cadence, trying to keep the trigger finger in constant motion through four and five round strings. The bottom fifty round group was at seven yards. Now warmed up, I sped up a bit, still firing four and five round strings, still trying to keep the trigger rolling through each string.

Still dropping a couple when I increased the speed, but a definite improvement over the previous day's performance. This makes 150 rounds of TulAmmo 115gr FMJ through the P250C with no stoppages of any type.