Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Range Day

Rode with Mike Grasso out to Atlanta Conservation Club to do some chrono work and get some groups shot for a magazine article.

First thing I wanted to do was chrono some of that Prvi Partisan .357SIG to see if it was as variable as the muzzle blast & flash led me to believe...
LO: 1314
HI: 1367
AV: 1340
ES: 52.43
SD: 16.18
Well, not as bad as I feared, but still the most wildly variable of all the .357SIG FMJ I've chrono'ed out of that gun.

Then it was on to the main event: Four different 10mm loads from the Glock 20. The first up was Prvi Partisan's 170gr FMJ offering:
LO: 1020
HI: 1087
AV: 1049
ES: 66.58
SD: 19.84
So, like most commercial 10mm FMJ offerings, basically it offers another fifty to a hundred feet-per-second over a hot .40 S&W load.

On to the jacketed hollow point offerings...

I had some Hornady XTPs in both 155gr...
LO: 1290
HI: 1321
AV: 1306
ES: 30.70
SD: 11.31
...and 180gr flavors:
LO: 1109
HI: 1127
AV: 1118
ES: 17.78
SD: 6.32
That ten shot string of 180gr XTP, by the way, is the second most consistent that I've ever chrono'ed, bested only by another Hornady offering, the .45ACP 220gr +P Critical Duty out of my CCA 1911.

Last up was the 180gr V-crown JHP from Sig Sauer's new ammo division. Sig has 10mm offerings in both the P220 and 1911 platforms, and someone at Sig must be a fan of the caliber because they're loading theirs pretty spicy, the way 10mm was meant to be. I was interested to see how close the measured velocity out of a 4.6" Glock 20 barrel would come to matching the box-flap claim of 1250fps, presumably from a 5" test barrel.

I was also interested in seeing how consistent the ammo was, which is generally a pretty good indicator of QC.  The results:
LO: 1158
HI: 1215
AV: 1168
ES: 57.46
SD: 16.88
Nine rounds were all clustered within about fifteen FPS, with that one 1200fps outlier blowing the average. Still, not bad.

We shot up the remainder of the box of Prvi Partisan FMJ which, combined with the three chrono strings of JHP made a round count of eighty for the day through the Glock 20. All eighty rounds cycled normally and there were no malfunctions of any kind to report.

This makes 230 rounds since the Glock 20 was cleaned or lubricated. 1770 rounds to go.

After all the range work it was time for lunch.

A ham & brie sandwich and potato salad at Rail Epicurean Market in Westfield, washed down with some sweet tea.

AK usage yesterday: 0.
Day rating: Good.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Gratuitous Gun Pr0n #147...

Smith & Wesson Model 68, six rounds, seven yards, double-action offhand.

Overheard in the Office...

The reporter on the televisor is doing a "Man on the Convention Floor" interview at the DNC in Philly. The guy he's talking to is solidly pro-Hillary, says he feels she'd make a great president, can't wait for the election...
Reporter: "Are you nervous?"

Guy: "Nervous? Sure. It's not over until the last votes are counted."

Me: (yelling) "Except for the Democratic primaries, eh?"

Booming along...

I went to the range again yesterday morning with two different flavors of 10mm target ammo. There was the Prvi Partisan, which fires a 170gr truncated cone bullet at a claimed 1115fps, and then there was the Sig Sauer Elite Performance 10mm 180gr FMJ, which was considerably zestier with a claimed 1250fps muzzle velocity.

The difference in recoil was noticeable. On the unstippled Gen3 frame, sweaty hands were forcing me to fix my grip after three or four rounds.

All one hundred rounds cycled normally and there were no malfunctions of any kind to report.

This makes 150 rounds since the Glock 20 was cleaned or lubricated. 1850 rounds to go.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

A New Beginning...

Pictures of the Glock 32 still need to be taken and its final eval written.

In the meantime, the next round of Special Snowflake Glock Testing is underway.

Next on the docket is a Gen 3 Glock 20 in 10mm Auto. It has had a hundred rounds fired through it since being purchased lightly used. It exhibited some of the same sluggish return-to-battery issues as the G32, so, rather than waiting 700 rounds to do so, this time I started out with a 20# recoil spring (which came with the the gun when I bought it used) on a metal guide rod. This time, a correctly thread-locked metal guide rod.

Oh, it's also had, like, fifty rounds of 9x25 Dillon through it on the spare barrel.

Anyway, a thorough wipedown of the bearing surfaces and a good lubing with what I had close to hand at the time (Snake Oil Prime) and we were off to the races.

Started things off with a 50-round box of Sellier & Bellot 180gr 10mm FMJ. Seemed reasonably warmish. Factory claims 1160 fps out of a 5" tube, and that seems plausible. I may have some more around here to chrono later this week.

I'd forgotten what massive horse pistols the big Glocks are... Anyway, all fifty rounds functioned the weapon with no failures of any type to report.

This makes 50 rounds since the Glock 20 was cleaned or lubricated. 1950 rounds to go.

Also ran fifty rounds of Remington FMJ through the Glock 37 with the T&E Overwatch Precision trigger in it. Lotta dry-fire Sunday morning and afternoon as well. I am intrigued; I need to get this thing out to MCF&G where I can do stuff on the clock...

Potential Travel Problems:

You might find out your hotel room is built right atop a cursed graveyard.

Brunch Was Accomplished...

A photo posted by Tamara Keel (@tamarakeel) on

Turning from junk back into stuff...

I get emails from KEH Camera Brokers, usually offering the monthly or weekly sales, but sometimes soliciting purchases of old camera gear. Since I don't sell cameras, I don't usually look in those, but this one offering an extra 10% on 300 "Most Wanted" models caught my eye. What were these most wanted models, I wondered?

Nikon F4S, Nikon F5, Nikon FM2N, Canon AE-1 Program, Pentax K1000, Contax G2... Wow. And they were offering buying prices that I would have considered selling prices just two years ago, furthering my belief that the film camera market has seen its price bottom.

I'm still not selling them any film cameras, but if you have some lying around, here's their link.

Sunday, Yummy Sunday...

Plans are afoot!

We will greet the day with brunch at one or another of the fine eateries here in Broad Ripple, and then hie ourselves to Indy Arms Co. to enjoy some range time in the air-conditioned great indoors.

Project Whimsy has a TAC Trigger from Overwatch Precision installed for T&E purposes, with an eye toward making it my bowling pin eliminator. (Of course, I punked out of bowling pin shooting yesterday because it was hotter than dammit yesterday.)

Looking forward to trying out the new trigger, and maybe getting started on the next 2,000-rd test. Tune in!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Food Pic...

Still wrestling Winston's black dog today.

Bobbi did take me out for a late lunch/early dinner, which was nice. We rode our bicycles over to Twenty Tap, where I sampled a menu item I'd not tried before.

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Friday, July 22, 2016

And that's a wrap.

Fifty rounds of Speer Lawman and twenty-one of Fiocchi on Thursday morning finished up the 2,000 rounds for the Glock 32.

There were no malfunctions of any type to report.

This makes it 2,000 total rounds fired since the Glock 32 was last cleaned or lubricated, with five failures to go completely into battery (#63, #78, #126, #748, #1,503*), five failures to feed (#221, #224, #282, #734, #1,529*), one failure to eject (#1,033), and one broken (aftermarket) part.

Look for a follow up post with dirty, dirty gun pics and a final breakdown of the test.


I just wasn't feeling it this morning.

Check out this article at Lucky Gunner Lounge!

Or this column from the July issue of Shooting Illustrated!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

QotD: Long, Slow Disaster Edition...

"I’m really glad my Grandparents didn’t live to have to make the choice between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. It also doesn’t say anything good about our politics that my grandparents, who have been dead for 20 years, would still know both candidates." -Sebastian SNBQ

Frickin' almost done...

Fifty rounds each of Fiocchi and Speer Lawman .357SIG ammo got sent downrange at Indy Arms Co. Wednesday morning.

The 20# recoil spring and 11-coil mag springs seem to have done the trick. The firearm went through the complete cycle of operation each time.

This makes it 1,929 total rounds fired since the Glock 32 was last cleaned or lubricated, with five failures to go completely into battery (#63, #78, #126, #748, #1,503*), five failures to feed (#221, #224, #282, #734, #1,529*), one failure to eject (#1,033), and one broken (aftermarket) part. Only 71 rounds left to go.