Saturday, November 17, 2018


I'm off to learn about suppressors for a couple hours.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Back to the Future...

Currently underway is a 2,000-round test on a Ruger P89. The P-series Rugers had a reputation on the internet (Usenet rec.guns and later gun forums on the web) for being reliable, but those were the days when "flawless reliability" was a pretty nebulous thing.

It will be interesting to see how it runs and compare it to shooting newer test guns. Personally, I vastly preferred the 5906 I ran earlier this year to the P89.

It's worth noting, however, that the MSRP in the 1993 Gun Buyer's Annual for the Ruger was $410, which is a good bit less than the $672 Smith & Wesson wanted for a 5906 with fixed sights. (The blued steel and alloy 5904, perhaps a more direct comparison to the P89 test gun, was $610.)

Both the P89 and 5906 are no more, of course. The P89 was discontinued in 2009, ten years after the 5906 left the Smith catalog as a standard item (although department sales continued for a while longer.)

What killed them was the other gun in the second picture, a Gen2 Glock 19. In that same 1993 catalog, the MSRP for the Glock was $579.95. (It's only $20 more for a Gen3 right now.)

The upper is fifty rounds at seven yards and the lower is fifty at ten. Both were trying to push as much speed as I could. It was obviously very difficult. I'll discuss reasons in a published article in the near future, and there's also some ongoing discussion at my Patreon page.

The story thus far: I cleaned the gun on arrival and lubed it with a generous amount of FP10 and started shooting the other day. It has thus far fired 200 rounds of ammunition since it was cleaned and lubed with no stoppages of any type to report. 1,800 rounds to go.

Writings by friends...

Ice, Ice Baby

Well, it didn't snow last night after all...

 Instead, we got an inch or so of ice and freezing rain.

All in all, I'd rather have the snow. It would have made the kids sad, though, because 2" of snow wouldn't have gotten them out of school the way an inch of ice did.

Bobbi's "rain rope" looks cool when it gets iced up. But you know what doesn't look cool when it gets iced up? I mean, other than the streets?

I went out and de-iced her car. Fortunately, I'd remembered to run out and put the wiper arms up on it last night. Also fortunately, I'd remembered to liberally salt the sidewalk between the house and the garage before going to bed last night.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Caveat Emptor, Baby

Colt's New Line single action solid-frame pocket revolvers are an affordable relic from the days of the Old West, especially considering what Colt's larger revolvers go for.

Most I've run across aren't working, and it's rarely worth the effort to try and get one running, but they're neat little paperweights all the same.

Colt made them for a few years in several different calibers: .22, .30, .32, .38, and .41, all rimfire. The reason they stopped making them was so many companies blatantly ripped them off, selling them cheaper than the quality guns from Colt.

The lower revolver is a Colt New Line in .38 rimfire. The gun above it is a .32 that was sitting on a gun show table with a $25 price tag. I grabbed it up because I'm a completionist...and it wasn't until I looked at it at home that I realizes that the rust bucket I'd snatched was a "Red Jacket No.3".

One of several companies that basically ripped off Colt's design, Lee Arms of Wilkes-Barre sold them under several names via mail order, "Red Jacket" being the most common.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Oh, give it a rest.

So, I have an unusual habit when I'm on the road for gun school.

In the hotel room I leave the TV turned on to one of the cable news channels with the volume down at a level where it's audible but non-intrusive. I leave it on while I'm writing or working in Photoshop or reading, and I'll leave it on while I'm sleeping.

Originally I used CNN or CNN Headline News, and it was ostensibly because I wanted to keep tabs on current events while I was on the road.

At some point a few years ago, I started alternating channels on alternating nights: MSNBC Friday night, Fox News on Saturday night, then back to MSNBC, lather, rinse, repeat.

Both networks, of course, shed all pretense of objectivity years ago and now deliver the news with a naked partisan slant: infotainment, or perhaps current events presented as professional wrestling spectacle.

What's interesting is how far they've diverged; it's to the point where it's like I'm getting news reports from parallel universes.

Which is what made this headline funny:
'It disturbs me to my core': Fox News staffers express outrage over Hannity's rally appearance
Oh give me a break! Half your news programs border on GOP electioneering already; Hannity's just honest enough to dispense with the facade.

The only thing funnier is the fact that this tongue-clucking article is at the CNN of Jim Acosta, the dude who apparently skipped J-school the day they covered "Reporting the news, not making the news."

Monday, November 12, 2018


Saturday, November 10, 2018

"Tactical Fantasy Band Camp"?

It was interesting to be in a class with David Yamane of the Gun Culture 2.0 blog last weekend. Going from never having fired an AR-15 to moving through a shoothouse with Daniel Shaw in the space of a week's time gives him an interesting viewpoint on the class.

Friday, November 09, 2018

QotD: Fundamental Right Edition...

From a great post at Antifragile Training:
"At the core there is my belief that the weak, the disenfranchised, the outnumbered and unpopular should be able to defend themselves against the strong, the bold, the legion."
Go RTWT...

Part of the Problem...

Bobbi on the media response to the dead jackass in California:
"I'm not sure there's any conscious individual intent past the cynical awareness that "If it bleeds, it leads." And this unacknowledged, unrecognized hunger may be a far worse problem than deliberate malice could ever be."
It's a bunch of factors. There's an element of crusading ("We're going to shame the nation into action this time!") that heterodynes with the unconscious "This is ratings gold!", which all combines with an underlying current of "Well, if we don't cover it, those guys at $COMPETING_NETWORK will, so if we're gonna cover it, we might as well do it first and best!"

I mean, watching a grieving parent bawl his eyes out over his dead son in front of the camera? That's GREAT TELEVISION.

And we're a greater or lesser degree...a little vulture-y. The meta-conversation here is still paying attention.

Attention Neptune Spear cosplayers...

Brownells is going to be putting HK416 parts kits out for sale this weekend, if you really want to flex on the poors.

Overheard in the Office...

I come moping into the office, shoulders slumped, head drooping, coffee in hand...
T: *sigh* "Has a sad...
RX: "What's wrong?" 
T: "I'm depressed.
RX: "But you were just laughing and making fun of stupid people!" 
T: "I can do that while I'm unconscious."

Thursday, November 08, 2018

"Why didn't anybody just shoot him?"

Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Very Tacticool...

The gun comes with one seventeen-round magazine and two 24-round ones. You can stuff a box of ammo into the mags in the box and still have room left over.

Automotif CXLX...

Parked up out front of the salon where the old Ford Falcon sometimes is parked, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that this F100 belongs to the same person.

Looks to be a '73 or '74. I want to believe that there's a 390cid V-8 under that hood.

Photos snapped from across the street with the Samsung TL500. It's an absolutely brilliant little enthusiast's point-and-shoot. Fast glass, a 10MP 1/1.7" sensor, full PASM controls and RAW shooting... It's too bad Samsung decided to bail on the camera game.

Tuesday, November 06, 2018

My weakness...

Be me.

Get email sale flier from KEH.

See that they have Canon EOS 40D's in BGN condition with battery and charger for $89.

Have fond memories of all the shooting you did with your old EOS 20D.

Very nearly do something dumb before sternly reminding yourself that you need a crop sensor Canon body like you need a hole in your head.



Still, though, that's a screaming deal on a solid prosumer body if someone wanted to dabble with a DSLR...

That Time of Year

This morning is the morning that the cotton socks come out of the drawer and the wool socks go in. With this next load of laundry, the short-sleeve tees will come out of the dryer and go on hangers in the basement, to have their space in the drawer filled by long-sleeve ones. The long johns came out of hibernation for the New Mexico trip already, as did the warm and water-resistant Asolo boots, replacing the trail shoes of summer.

Late autumn, the time of falling leaves and cold rains and air that smells of woodsmoke, is my favorite season, but it's also the one most ate up with nostalgia and melancholy.

The Only One Qualified Enough...

What's weird is that the police use cars and radios a lot more than they use guns, but the general public doesn't expect them to be automotive experts or broadcast engineers.

And yet "My Cousin, the Cop" is the most oft-quoted authority on any firearm-related topic.

Monday, November 05, 2018

This sling is so fast it makes you blink faster!

OMG, these retardate paracord slings. JFC. FML. WTF. BBQ.

If you're sitting there thinking "I can use my paracord weaving skills to make revolutionary new rifle slings!", you should instead think about using them to make David Carradine cosplay kits, and then thoroughly test your merchandise.

Plenty of learning occurred...

Thank you to my Patreon patrons. Y'all's contributions paid for the Gen5 Gadgets from Tau Development Group, one of which went on the 19X that I used in class this weekend.

Holstering in a belt holster (as opposed to a drop holster on a war belt) while wearing a plate carrier is holstering blind, and having that Striker Control Device under the thumb is really reassuring. If you're blasé about holstering up a striker-fired gat in circumstances like that, you probably shouldn't be.

Sunday, November 04, 2018

It was a long day yesterday.

Arrived on the range at 8:30AM, class started at 9AM, and we knocked off at 1:30AM, having gotten in two nighttime runs through the shoot house.

Even with the DST fairy giving back my missing hour, I am still caffeinating heavily this morning.

One End to the Other

From one end of gun school to the other, I hear creative excuses from people why that particular thing doesn't apply to them and they shouldn't attend.

 "Entangled gunfights never happen!"

Do people ever get held up at arm's length, or do armed robbers generally square up at 21 feet and yell "Toss your wallet over here!"?

"I'm never going to need tactical fantasy band camp!"

Ignore the safety apparel; the plates and helmet in the shoot house are as necessary as eyes and ears on the square range. Do you think that moving in a structure and problem-solving with a gun in your hand is a skill that might someday be necessary?

Saturday, November 03, 2018

Oh, well...

My new zig-zag clavicle...

This will be important in my writeup of some rifle plates here this weekend.

Learn something new, every time...

Joe Weyer is a talented diagnostician. Also, I learned some new stuff about recoil mitigation...via a metaphor I hadn't heard before...that I'm looking forward to trying to implement.

Friday, November 02, 2018

It's that time again...

Time to take all the lumens into the shoot house in Alliance, OH.

Track Record...

Watching Brian Williams' late night news shown MSNBC last night, he interviewed a GOP dude who was explaining how Trump was screwing everything up for the midterms.

The GOP dude's credentials were that he was a former advisor to Romney, Jeb, and McCain. Hell of an electoral resume, bro. You ever advise anybody who won?