Thursday, October 01, 2020

"Like a Mullet in 9mm"

 It looks like the entirety of my review of a used Ruger P89 is online now, if you would like to read it.

"Normally, complaints about high-bore axis are overblown. For most shooters, the effect of the bore axis height on Pistol A versus Pistol B in split times is lost in the statistical noise. Not the Ruger, though. The slide is a massive casting, and the shape of the backstrap ensures that said massive casting is positioned well above your grip. As it slams back and forth under recoil, you notice it; it’s like shooting a Shake Weight."


Tab Clearing...

 Time for a reduction in the number of open Wikipedia tabs...

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Oh, yeah!

 This commercial has purely tickled my funny bone...

Redux, but explained.

 Someone on social media was again talking about how their travels had been taking them to mom'n'pop gun shops in small towns, and he was surprised to find the stock and pricing in most of them to be pretty near normal. He speculated that ammo manufacturers were prioritizing small shops...

It’s not that they’re prioritizing deliveries there, it’s just that they don’t do as much business so they’re the last to sell out. As a matter of fact, those shops are the exact opposite of prioritized; when they do sell out, they’ll be the last to get restocked. Wholesalers and manufacturers prioritize buyers who purchase by the skid, not who buy a case or two a year.

 What happens with those smaller shops that are off the beaten path is that their inventory lasts about until one of their regular customers goes on social media or a gun forum and says "I don't know what all you people in big cities are talking about with this 'ammo panic'. Ain't nobody panicking here in Two Mules, Kansas. We've all got our guns, I guess. Why, I just stopped by my regular LGS, Billy Bob's Tradin' Post, and their stock and prices were all normal."
 Three days later, after the locusts have descended, Billy Bob's is sold out.

 Three months later, Billy Bob's....which was run by Billy Bob as a side gig to his regular welding business using his wife as a bookkeeper/office manager, a retiree to basically run the place four days a week, and a college kid as part time counter help...hasn't been able to restock and closes, behind on its mortgage because they had zero reserve capital to weather ninety days of sub-hundred-dollar gross sales.

(SOURCE: I have worked for three or four Billy Bobs and known dozens personally. Like most small businesses...and especially most hobby businesses...your typical brick and mortar gun shop is dramatically undercapitalized.)

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

L'enfer c'est les autres

 Back when I was maintaining the S.W.A.T. Magazine Facebook page, every time I posted a link to a self-defense incident from Texas, I'd cringe a little inwardly, because the news story would inevitably reference that the matter was being referred to a grand jury.

Common Taters would then erupt in outrage..."A grand jury?!? What kind of communism is this? It was clearly self-defense!"...because people, some of whom were licensed gun owners in the state of Texas, seem stunningly ignorant of the fact that all homicides in Texas go before a grand jury.

The latest example of this phenomenon on social media has been triggered by an AP headline:

Texas grand jury: No action against killer of church shooter

This has led to the usual painstaking attempts at explaining, which are as frustrating as trying to push a rope uphill because the whole internet has a JD from the Law & Order University Richard Anthony Wolf School of Law and doesn't want to hear what it doesn't want to hear.

Hence you get conversations like the following:

"Why was he even charged?!?" 
He wasn't charged. 
"But why was the case even brought before a grand jury!" 
Texas requires all homicides to be brought before a grand jury. 
"But think how much he had to pay to defend himself!" 
Nothing. You aren't represented before a grand jury. 
"Why did it take nine months? It should have taken nine minutes!" 
If you'd take two seconds to type 'Tarrant County grand jury' into Google like I just did, you would see that Tarrant County grand juries, of which two are empaneled at any time, hear 14,000+ cases a year. They meet three days per week. And that's not taking into account disruptions caused by the Time of the 'Rona.
I hate the internet.
And then, after this entire exchange, you get to do it again, because people don't read through threads and instead just charge to the blinking cursor in the comment box at the bottom to upchuck their typo-laden misspelled spleen, usually complaining about something that's been addressed half a dozen times upthread.

Monday, September 28, 2020

Seasons Turn

 We've been having an unseasonably warm and very dry September here in Hoosieropolis; the sort of weather that would have had Farmer Frank blogging about the drought. At least we were right up until about three hours ago when a cold front blew in from the west, bringing much-needed rain and ensuring that we've already seen the warmest temperatures of the day.

 Looking at the forecast for the next week, it was time to put the top up on the Zed Drei, since I couldn't guarantee temps warm enough to keep the rear window pliable for any length of time in the near future.

 Much like 2018 and the broken collarbone, 2020 has turned into another year without a summer...or at least any semblance of a normal summer.

 Sadly, the long hot dry spell doesn't bode well for a colorful autumn, either. Neighborhood oaks are already shedding leaves without even changing color much.

 Blah. Maybe I'll try to get to the zoo this week.

 Have a picture of a floofy dog from the neighborhood.

Saturday, September 26, 2020 was the style at the time.


Gratuitous Gun Pr0n #192...

Coming soon to an issue of Shooting Illustrated near you...

There's a large tree stump by the left-hand berm in the south bay at Marion County Fish & Game that's only partially in the shade of the new awnings. In the mornings, when the light is right, it's like a natural stage for shooting by available light. 

This shot was with the Fujifilm FinePix S2 Pro, which practically qualifies as a vintage camera these days, at least by digital photography standards.


Thursday, September 24, 2020



Official Shutterbug

Yeah, yeah, the movie itself is going to be full of political whingeing, but candid portraiture is my favorite kind of photography and Pete Souza is a master of it, so I'll be watching it.

(I'm also enough of a geardo that I want to see the setups he was using during the Reagan years.)