Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Automotif LXXV...

Porsche 911 Turbo in the Safeway parking lot at 56th and Illinois...

Monday, March 30, 2015

You have no idea how glad I am to see you.


Taking Pictures (Animated Short Film) from Simon Taylor on Vimeo.

(via Petapixel.)

Good for them.

I watched the cringe-inducing Tannerite® hit piece on the Today show in slack-jawed horror. You'd have to stick toy rocket motors in a truck's gas tank to get more blatantly slanted "journalism".

Fortunately, Dan Tanner has lawyered up and is shooting back.

Three yards and a cloud of dust.

Only ten years ago, it was next to impossible for a regular private citizen to legally carry a firearm in Kansas. Kansas did not even get "Shall Issue" CCW until 2006.

Today, Kansas is poised to become the next Constitutional Carry state. Good work, Kansans!

Tough Sell

Apparently even the people who were rah-rahing the imaginary "recovery" in the economy are having difficulty convincing themselves right now.  Even using the most favorable way to calculate unemployment numbers, even leaning heavily on the stock prices that are no longer coupled to anything in reality as a primary indicator, people just aren't buying stuff. Since "the economy" is made out of people selling stuff, this is bad for it.

Judging from the amount of bitching about "slow wage growth", one is tempted to believe that the article is propaganda for a minimum wage hike. I think that would be a timid way to get more money out there. How about instead of a mandatory minimum wage hike, we just tell everybody to take all the paper money out of their pockets and purses and use a Sharpie to write a zero after the denominations on all the bills? Then we'd all be ten times richer!

Hey, it's as sound a solution as a $15/hr minimum wage.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Saturday in Public Greens...

Yesterday I went with Bobbi up into Broad Ripple Village proper for lunch at Public Greens, which is the latest venture of the Patachou foodie empire...

Stepping through the door, we were greeted by a smiling hostess who explained the menu on the wall behind her and how to get yourself some of the tasty food on it. There are a few complete entrees, but the main feature of the menu is all those tasty things across the top, which are available at a rate of $6 one item, $9 for two or $12 for three. Bobbi and I both decided to go with the à la carte options.

You'd step up to the register and place your order...

...whereupon they'd cook the stuff that needed to be cooked and ladle out the stuff that was ready for ladling. Once your order was ready, they'd call your name and you'd carry your tray to your table.

I had fried artichoke hearts, seasoned with sea salt and cracked pepper; the pimento toast; and the best chicken tenders I have ever had in my life. They had a table full of grab-it-yourself condiments, including Local Folks hot sauce, and friendly staff would check up and make sure you were good on beverages.

It's right on the Monon Trail, and open seven days a week from 8:00AM. It looks like it's going to be a regular haunt of mine, since it's an easy fair-weather bicycle ride up the trail and has a magnificent deck.

Automotif LXXIV...

1968 Dodge Dart 270 sedan. Looks to be someone's daily driver. Judging from the (relatively) moderate amount of rot in the sills and quarter panels, I'm betting it spent many years as a carefully garaged grannymobile.

There are few things harder to kill than an old Mopar Slant Six...

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Overheard in the Back Yard...

Getting ready to run some errands yesterday, I hadn't really been paying attention to the weather outside the windows at Roseholme Cottage. Bobbi preceded me out the back door as I gathered my stuff and checked light switches and whatnot. Following her out, I opened the door, stepped into the yard, and blurted...
Me: "Oh, you have got to be $#!++ing me!"
The air was full of snowflakes. Snow.

Seriously, Mother Nature, go home. You're drunk.

Friday, March 27, 2015

The Perils of Obsolescence...

While out running errands with Bobbi today, I was finishing up a test roll in a Nikon N4004 body that was a gift from a friend. I was a little leery, because it felt like the back had a bit of "give" in the latch; you could feel it shift as the film would advance and so I had a cheap roll of Fujicolor 200 in it to see if there were any light leaks.

After I got home, I popped the back open and removed the film, and then let the back drop closed. As it shut, I heard something small click and clatter on the floor, and the door wouldn't latch. A quick look showed that tip of the little hook had sheared off the sprung latch on the body when the door had swung shut on it.

The N4004 was Nikon's entry-level SLR back in the late '80s and made extensive use of plastic parts; apparently the film door latch breaking was a not-unheard-of malady. Once upon a time, you could have sent the camera back to Nikon to be repaired. Now, in the era of digital photography and twenty years after the N4004 had been discontinued, and when excellent condition N4004 bodies are $19 from KEH, it'd hardly be worth the shipping to see if it could be fixed.


I'll set it aside on a shelf for a rainy day project and move the lens over to my backup N6006 body, I guess.

Tactical Poser

So, after two years of wear, my original Royal Robbins gun burkhas are starting to show some of the tell-tale signs of use. Specifically, while a plastic Smith M&P isn't rough on synthetic blends in quite the same way that 20lpi checkering on a Springfield Professional abrades cotton chambray shirts, there's still a certain amount of wear and tear involved over the right kidney.

With summer coming up, I headed to Amazon to order a couple fresh shirts to throw in the mix, only to discover that the Royal Robbins Expedition was no longer available in the darker green "canopy" color that I liked, but only the brighter "avocado" that I don't think looks good on me at all. There's a Royal Robbins Expedition Stretch, but it's available in a color called "artichoke" that looks pretty much the same as "avocado".

This means that I had to head over to the 5.11 section and order a couple 5.11 Taclite Pro shirts in the "TDU green" color. Never mind that the Royal Robbins Expedition shirt and the 5.11 Taclite Pro shirt are the exact same shirt, for some reason it makes me feel like a total poser mall ninja to order the 5.11 product, because I am neither a "Pro" nor am I particularly "Tactical". This is the only way I know how to operate:

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Don't tell anyone...

...but I kinda want a gun in that silly .22TCM cartridge. Not badly enough to buy an RIA, though, which leaves me in something of a bind.

Does anyone make a Commander-length .22TCM barrel with a Para ramp, I wonder?

They were right and I was wrong.

When I started getting back into photography and bought DSLRs to replace the hodgepodge of miscellaneous cameras I'd used for picture-taking, I stuck with a small P&S digicam over the advice of friends and commenters.

"Tam," they'd say, "It's got such a tiny sensor and the lens is kinda 'meh' on those cheap pocket point-and-shoots."

To which I'd invariably respond "But Megapixels! And 12x zoom! And bells'n'whistles! Look, built-in fish-eye effect!" And truly, by the numbers, that little Coolpix S6500 wasn't a bad camera, but... I'd get into pictures on the big screen and wind up disappointed all too often. Snapshots? Sure, it takes great snapshots.

There's a class of cameras, possibly not long for this world, exemplified by the Canon PowerShot G-series and the extremely similar Nikon Coolpix P-series, that Nikon described as "the perfect complement to an advanced photographer’s D-SLR" but was perhaps more realistically summed up in this group test at Digital Photography Review:
"It wasn't so long ago that DSLRs were out of financial reach for most enthusiast photographers. Back before DSLRs fell below the magic sub-$1000 mark, the only way for most people to 'go digital' was to invest in a high-quality compact, offering SLR-like control, but without the expensive extras - the large sensor and interchangeable lens mount.

These days, of course, DSLRs are far more attainable than they once were, making high-end compacts less of a 'next best thing' purchase than in the past, and more of a luxury. In fact, the high end compact sector is sometimes referred to as the 'luxury' compact market...
Now, half-a-grand high end compact cameras aren't really a thing that exists for me. Then again, neither are $1000 DSLRs. But thanks to the Bigger, Better, Faster, More! world of digital photography, the top-of-the-line 2010-model five-hundred buck "luxury compact camera" is available used for less than a quarter of that price today.

I picked up a used Nikon Coolpix P7000 from KEH for very reasonable money and, while it's not the cigarette-pack size of the little S6500, it's still only about the size of my cell phone in its rubber case. Not really shirt-pocket sized, more coat-pocket sized; it's still easy enough to dangle from a wrist strap or toss in the "document pocket" of my gun burkha.

And it's got the stuff I wanted in a camera: It'll shoot RAW, it has full manual control with neatly laid-out dials, there's an optical viewfinder for composing when it's too bright to use the screen (or for when I just want to use an optical viewfinder because it's what I'm used to) and it'll even shoot in monochrome with your choice of B&W filter effects...

And the pictures...

Speaking of Nikons... But this is a matter for another post.

Automotif LXXIII...

Jaguar XK convertible, seen parked up on 54th near College Avenue.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Automotif LXXII...

1987 or '88 BMW 535is spotted in Broad Ripple yesterday. Tasty...

See the guy in the third picture? See the camera in his hand? He's 'point shooting', playing street photographer like some hipster. (Not that I've ever tried such a thing...)

Contax TVS, Ilford XP2

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Happy Spring!

After a gorgeous sunny Sunday at the range, I spent a shivering Monday doing some work: Chronographing three loads through a test gun and then five five-shot groups from each at 25 yards. The gun managed several groups in the 2.5"-3.25" range which, considering the kind of gun it is, kinda surprised me. The whole time, I was watching the skies darken to the northwest.
As I left, it was starting to sleet. By the time I got out to Premier Arms, it was steady rattle of tiny ice pellets mixed with snowflakes, like Mother Nature's middle finger on the first day of spring.


Contax TVS, Ilford XP2

E + D

Last week we took advantage of Bobbi working the funky swing shift to go get lunch at Eat + Drink, the cocktail lounge adjacent to that SoBro brunch legend, Taste (and run by the same people), which is now open for lunch on weekdays.

Contax TVS, Ilford XP2
Looking north from the patio of Taste, E+D is next door, with the classic neon of the Red Key Tavern beyond.
I had fried pickles for an appetizer and a charcuterie plate for lunch. It came with pickles and pickled eggs. Bobbi had an appetizer of deviled eggs with wasabi tobiko roe on them ("Yo, dawg, I heard you like eggs, so I put eggs on your eggs") and for her meal...

...a delicious-looking calamari po boy. Everything I sampled was good, although the pickles were kinda "meh"; it takes a pretty tart and vinegary pickle to hold up to the whole battered-'n'-fried thing, and these just weren't. I wanna try that po boy, though; I filched some of the calamari and just looking at that picture reminds me of how good it was and makes me hungry.

Overheard in the Office...

RX: "It bothers me because the existence of a Gentoo penguin implies there was a Gen One penguin, and you never see them."

Me: "They were recalled for safety reasons."

RX: "They tended to explode?"

Me: "No, they were twelve feet tall with razor-edged beaks and cranky dispositions."

RX: "That explains why expeditions to the South Pole used to be so dangerous."

Monday, March 23, 2015

Didn't think about that, did ya?

Ah, the glamorous life of getting paid to shoot guns!

When it's 37 degrees outside and you're doing chrono work and trying to squeeze in enough time to shoot 25-yard benched groups, racing the looming clouds that are already starting to spit sleet, and the gun isn't a bad one, per se, but certainly not one you'd buy for yourself to shoot for fun...

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Overheard in the Office...

Me: "Do you know what this is?"

RX: "A piece of wood from a ship?"

Me: "From the HMS Victory."

RX: "That's probably red lead paint."

Me: "I won't lick it, I promise. But... This piece of wood was at Trafalgar! And... And! I have a piece of wood downstairs from the USS Constitution..."

RX: "You keep them apart so they won't explode?"

Automotif LXXI...

Jaguar XJL

Saturday, March 21, 2015


Contax TVS, Kodak 400TX
Every now and again a roll of more-or-less random shots from function-checking a new old camera turns up something cool. Often it seems to involve Bobbi's orange stripey tomcat.

Overheard in the Office...

So, a kid brought a "loaded" "gun" to school in Manhattan...
RX: "It looks like it's in Barney Fife mode."

Me: "What, just one cartridge?"

RX: "Yeah. I don't even know where you'd find a round of... what is that? .32 Short?..."

Me: "Uh, upstairs."

RX: "I was going to say '...on Manhattan.'"


Imagine walking into the Burbank offices of the Lockheed corporation in 1953, where the engineers were hard at work on a new transport plane, and telling them that the plane they were drawing up would still be in heavy use more than sixty years later.

Mind you, some of the guys in the room were alive when the Wright Brothers first flew. The entirety of manned powered flight had happened within their lifetime, and you are telling them that the cargo plane they were designing would be used as a laser-armed gunship in the world of 2019. (Well, you'd have to say "energy ray-armed", because the word "laser" wouldn't even be coined for another half dozen years.) In fact, it would not just still be in heavy use, it would still be being built, which would have sounded as fantastical to them as someone still making Wright Flyers in '53.

(H/T to Weaponsman.)

Automotif LXX...

Benz G-Wagen out on a good day for it.
If a Range Rover is a tweed jacket, a Geländewagen is a leather trench coat.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Gratuitous Gun Pr0n #120...

sig sauer p320
SIG P320

Seen in SoBro...

Astronaut Crosswalk

The Safety Dance

So, the table we got at the gun show butted up against several others that were unused because their usual tenant, a medical supplies vendor, had gotten hurt in a wreck and couldn't make the show. The morning of the second day, we spread out a little, moving some holsters over to the empty table behind us to keep that end of the aisle from looking deserted.

Among the stuff I had over there was a Safariland Glock 17/22/31 paddle holster, on the diagram below in position "H":
Mike and I were sitting in the chairs marked "M" and "T", facing in the directions indicated. Mike was talking to someone on his end of the table when I hear a voice behind me asking "What's this holster fit? Glock?"

I glanced over my shoulder and nodded at the person asking the question, a uniformed police officer; not an IMPD guy, some other local department. "Yep, it's for full-size Glocks."

He nodded thoughtfully while turning it over in his hands, "How much?"

"I dunno... Twenty bucks sound cool?"

He mulled that over for a second as I turned away to see what was going on down Mike's way when, out of the corner of my eye, I see the cop unholster his sidearm. I got a real good look at the muzzle in my peripheral vision, and also took extremely good note of the fact that, even if his lack of muzzle discipline was appalling, at least his trigger finger was in register against the frame. Thank heavens.

I stood up in as casual and non-startling a manner as possible as he stuffed the gun into the holster, sliding his off-hand down until it was cradling the muzzle end of the Safariland rig. Then he nodded, pulled his heater out and stuffed it back into his duty rig and reached for his wallet.

I would venture that a solid plurality, if not a majority, of negligent discharges at gun shows happen when some special snowflake decides they have to test the fit of their loaded sidearm in a holster. If such had happened here, I wouldn't have been able to tell y'all about it because they'd have been cleaning my brains off the next row over and hopefully the .40 slug wouldn't have gone through anybody else on its way to embedding itself in the back wall of the corn dog stand three aisles away.

I don't want the last fleeting thought going through my mind to have been "Boy, you sure are the only one qualified enough..."

Folks, I don't care if you flout the show rules and don't unload your concealed carry piece and have it zip tied at the door; that's none of my business. But if you're gonna carry a loaded gat around the show, it needs to stay in the $&#@^$ing holster, &^%^ it!

Don't pull it out to show your friends, and don't give me that "I had to pull it out to check the holster fit!" because we're in a giant room where there are hundreds of guns for sale just like yours, and we can use one of them instead.

Stop touching it. And especially stop touching it while it's pointed at my head.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Important Safety Tip!

Brownells just sent an email inviting me to Bullet Proof My Shotgun! which is an idea I heartily endorse.

However it's important for you to learn from my mistakes: Test-fire it after you've bullet-proofed it, because only a fortuitous pair of nail clippers kept me from having to prison file an 870 extractor on the concrete outside my motel room door...

"Hello and/or Duh."

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Holster Flap...

Not too long ago, I was at a gun show with a couple of friends. At the clearing barrel, one of them cleared his heater and went to reholster it, but the holster had collapsed somewhat. The gun wouldn't seat and so he tried again, causing the holster to collapse a little more.

With the rest of us standing there watching, he kept trying to force the muzzle of the gun into the holster in what had to be an intensely frustrating exercise. Being able to stow the gat without looking is a fundamental skill if you carry the holster behind the point of the hip, and with people standing there watching as your gear defeats your attempts at performing this task, it's easy to get flustered.

Thing is, this was no novice; far from it. He'd been shooting pistols since he was big enough to hold them and had many hundreds of hours of formal gun school. And this wasn't crappy gear, either; it was a horsehide Mitch Rosen rig that had just apparently decided to give up the ghost after probably well more than a decade of carry.

That leads me to this post (which also harshes on the holster type I love to hate most.) I've personally come around to carrying kydex holsters IWB. Some folks argue that "Kydex doesn't bend to conform to your body!" I don't really get that, because my holster is only about as wide as the gun that's in it, and the gun itself doesn't bend to conform to your body, either, no matter what you wrap it in.

Quality gear is important. Regularly checking that the quality gear is still in good shape is important. Do the important stuff.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Ricoh Suave

Ricoh GR1
Ricoh GR1
Thanks to a reader, I'm getting to see what all the fuss was about with the GR1. Tiny, flyweight magnesium body, instant-on, fast wide-angle glass, manually-adjustable exposure; it's popular with street photography hipsters for a reason. Waiting on a test roll to come back from The Darkroom.

It's the only camera I've ever used that "prewinds". When you insert a new roll of film, the camera motors it all onto the takeup spool. Then as you take each shot, it goes back into the canister. So at the end of a roll of film, instead of a long bit of motor whirr as it rewinds, there's only a little "vwipp" as it reels in the leader. As a bonus, should the back get opened in mid-roll, the pictures you've taken are already safely inside the film canister.

(Local Walgreens and Amazon sell 24-exposure rolls of 200 and 400 ISO Fuji in 4-packs . I've been using the 200 just to see if a camera runs okay or not.)

QotD: Prepper Edition

"Like the doomsday prepper crowd, I still dream of a world where we’re not defined by where we work or what we buy, and where the Internet doesn’t suck up 110% of our time and attention with pointless trivialities. But if that world comes about, it’s going to happen because we all got fed up enough with the status quo to make major changes. No diabolus ex machina is going to smash Weber’s iron cage and magically transport us back to a simpler, less hectic time where we all sat on the porch in the evenings playing guitar and having real, face-to-face relationships with our neighbors."

Legislative Alert...

This just over the transom:
"Senator Tomes' SB 433 (bringing Indiana's regulations on short-barreled shotguns into conformity with Federal rules) will be heard in the House Public Policy Committee (Tom Dermody is chairman) Wednesday, March 18, in room l56B starting at 9:00 AM."
It's pretty certain to pass without trouble, but it never hurts to show the flag. If you're in the area and want to comb your hair nice and go show some support for Second Amendment rights in Indiana, it'd be cool.

It's past time for the silly Hoosier ban on SBS's to make with the go-aways.

Monday, March 16, 2015

A reminder:

Ambulance Driver will be presenting his awesome Shooter Self-Care class at the NRA Annual Meeting again this year. If you're going to be in Nashville, you should definitely think about attending.

If you've been to three or five shooting classes and have never been to a class on immediate treatment for a gunshot wound, I would submit that you're doing it wrong. If you're carrying around a "blowout kit" in your range bag and have never taken a class on how to use the contents, you're doing it wrong.

And don't mistake my meaning: I don't recommend this kind of training so you can patch yourself up after the big gun battle with ninjas you're likely never going to have; I recommend a shooter self-care class because if you carry a loaded gun every day or participate in action pistol sports, the most likely person to put a bullet hole in you is you. You want to know what to do if that happens.


Canon Photura, Kodak Gold 200
3/15/2015: "Oh, thank heavens it's finally warming up. This winter like to have killed me. I am so glad spring is here..."

8/15/2015: "Jebus, I'm melting. It's so humid my sweat won't even evaporate! I would murder people in their beds to be shoveling a snowy sidewalk right now."
It's beautiful out there right now; a perfect sunny seventy degrees. I'll give Indiana this: You get your money's worth out of each and every one of the four seasons.

Overheard at the Fun Show...

From a guy looking at the CZ Scorpion:
"What caliber is this 9mm Evo 3? .22?"
From an older gentleman perusing the wares at another table:
"Do they have to do background checks on .22s?"
To be fair it was within his lifetime that .22s didn't need serial numbers and could be mail ordered. They were hardly considered guns in much of the country, and he probably got his first one about the time the training wheels came off his bicycle.

From a guy explaining to his wife the great bargain he got from a fellow attendee in the middle of the aisle:
"No, you don't have to do paperwork on long guns, only firearms."
Favorite nickname bestowed on a guy roaming the aisles: "Biker Gandalf".

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Fun Show Time!

Let's sing the Fun Show Song!
Flintlocks and Flop-tops
And Number Three Russians
Black-powder Mausers
From jackbooted Prussians,
Shiny Smith PC's from limited runs
These are a few of my favorite guns.

Socketed bay'nets
On Zulu War rifles,
Engraved, iv'ried Lugers
That make quite an eyefull
Mosin tomato stakes sold by the ton
These are a few of my favorite guns.

Rusty top-breaks!
Smallbore Schuetzens!
And all of Browning's spawn
I just keep on browsing my favorite guns
Until all my money's gone.
I''ve got half a table at this one, because if you're going to pay to get in for a few days, you might as well pay to sit down. Come say hi!

Overheard in the Office...

Me: "Well, Spam is real popular in the South Pacific..."

RX: "Oh, yes! Well, it tastes like people."

Friday, March 13, 2015

Just In Time!

For several years, my route from Indianapolis to Knoxville has been I-65 to Louisville, where I'd pick up I-64 and head east toward Lexington and jump on I-75 south to K-ville. Unfortunately, this is happening:
"If your vacation plans take you south this year, be prepared for some slow downs before you really get out of town.

Groundbreaking on a major construction project on I-65 was Tuesday. Work begins Sunday.

Southsiders just made it through one major construction project at Southport Road, which added lanes in the area.

Now a whole new project will do the same, going south.

It will impact not only those who drive I-65 everyday, but those of you planning road trips south this year."

However, the main reason I headed out of Indy on I-65 South instead of I-74 East no longer applies as of the 23rd of this month!
"Non-Ohio residents with a valid concealed handgun license from another state, regardless of whether the other state has entered into a reciprocity agreement with Ohio, will have their license recognized in the state during the period that the person is temporarily in Ohio."

There was minimal difference in actual mileage between the two routes, but the southward one was often more inconvenient for me, going square through the heart of Indy and then right into the thick of the never-ending construction in the Louisville spaghetti bowl. I generally put up with those hassles rather than risking becoming the next Jeffrey Jordan while clipping through about ten or fifteen miles of southwestern Ohio.

Remember when Ohio didn't even have concealed carry? And then it did, but it was all messed up and riddled with local exemptions and you couldn't CCW in a car? And then they fixed that but only recognized a handful of out-of-state permits?

Everybody wants to throw a "Hail Mary" instead of grinding away with "off-tackle left on three", like Ohio did.

Three yards and a cloud of dust. It's the Buckeye way.


Painfully twee...

Leica R4, Ilford FP4 Plus
An adorable little cottage on a snowy day down in Broad Ripple Village.

Another blown chance to use wiener in a headline!

Via email comes this suicidally geeky and totally-don't-try-this-at-home-kids way to cook a hot dog.

(Here at Roseholme Cottage, we just use a handy little pop-up hot dog toaster that toasts two buns while cooking the hot dogs.)

Say what, now?

The FAA says no posting of drone footage on YouTube?


That's a good one, Canute. Have fun with that.

Anyone want to start a betting pool on how long before we have a drone footage on YouTube of another drone hovering along with a Guy Fawkes mask over its camera?

Thursday, March 12, 2015

This is interesting...

Indiana's "Castle Doctrine Against The Cops" law just had its first legal test...
"And we hold that, on the facts of this case, Cupello exercised reasonable force under Indiana Code Section 35-41-3-2(i)(2) to prevent or terminate an unlawful entry by a public servant into his home. Thus, we reverse Cupello’s conviction."
.pdf of the decision here.


Just... dammit.

Thanks for all of it, Terry.
The worst was good and the best was magic.

Like the lights come on in a nightclub...


*grumble grumble*

I have just returned to my desk from answering a knock at the door*, and am trying to re-board my train of thought for something that I was writing.

I am tempted to print up a sign...
I don't want to talk about my soul.
I'm good on magazine subscriptions.
I won't send you to band camp.
Unless you are a delivery driver needing a signature for a package containing money or something cool that I ordered, please do not knock.
*It was the JWs.

Tab Clearing...

Hoosier Donkey's Ass Found On Wiener's Leathers' Phone.

I'm sorry, that was the best I could come up with on short notice.

You'd think that with Scrabble tiles like "Wiener" and "Leathers" I could come up with the Mother of All Headlines, but no matter how I rearranged them, it was like I had an "S", a "C", an "H", an "A", a couple of "Ds" and a few "Es", an "N" and an "R", a "U"... but no "F". If you can make something better out of that, do share by email.

Yes, that's right, the Indiana General Assembly almost made it through a long session without any egregious scandals, like a rep getting a DUI on the way to the statehouse! Instead, with only a couple weeks to go before everybody went back to their day jobs selling insurance and lawyering and whatnot, Rep. Justin Moed (Dem-My Fair City) displayed a staggering lack of judgment and self-control by getting caught sending pics of his butt to the same college student that Anthony Wiener did.

To give it that Parks and Rec Hoosier twist:
The site reports that Moed's name was accidentally included on a pink leash and collar he bought for Leathers on Amazon.com, which is how she reportedly determined his identity.

Rep. Moed's office released the following statement in a letter written to the local newspaper:
"I am truly sorry I have hurt the ones I love most with my poor judgment. I am committed to rebuilding trust with my family and my community. This is a private matter and I ask for it to be treated as such. I apologize to my constituents and to everyone I have let down."
No, Justin, I'm afraid your privates became a public matter when you sent pictures of them winging through the airwaves.

It's stuff like this that makes the Chamber of Commerce order Maalox by the 55-gallon drum.

Overheard in the Office...

Discussing a current political scandal...
RX: "Democrat or Republican? Not that it really matters..."

Me: "Democrat. Which I guess is a return to the normal order of things. It used to be that Democrats would get caught in other people's pants and Republicans would get caught in other people's pockets, but there was this period in the Nineties and Aughties where the world was turned upside-down."

RX: "Now they all get caught with their pants in other people's pockets."

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


"There's a difference between just carrying a gun, and carrying a gun at people."
It seems to be getting around.

Good! :)


Nikon N6006, Kodak Tri-X 400
"Or, even more depressing, go over to Rangefinder Forum or your favorite photo forum ... while there, you can post pictures of your cat taken at full aperture."
I'd just gotten the camera and thrown a roll of film in it to test it. You know, walk around the block and shoot a bunch of blah pictures of trees, sky, houses, and cars under various lighting conditions. On the way out the front door, I half-turned and one-handed this pic of Huck atop his perch in the living room.

The rest of the roll is what I expected: blah pictures of trees, sky, houses, and cars under various lighting conditions, and the camera works fine. Got a great picture of Huck as an unexpected bonus.

Figures don't lie, but liars figure.

Yet another report of a Major Survey(!) reporting gun ownership in decline.

Yeah... "Hi! I'm an anonymous stranger on the phone who is Totally Not From The Government. Do you have an expensive, controversial, high-profile theft target in your house? No? How strange."

Also on the decline according to phone surveys: Pot-smoking and adultery.

The FBI keeps recording month after month of record numbers of background checks, and yet gun ownership is supposedly on the decline, presumably because those purple LCPs Ruger keeps cranking out by the tens of thousands are going to a handful of elderly male gun collector Tea Party survivalist nuts. Pull the other one, it's got bells on it.

Fat Bike

IMPD Patrol Bike, Leica R4, Ilford FP4 Plus
Saw these neat fat-tired bikes being ridden by IMPD bike patrol officers in Broad Ripple the other day. Temps in the teens and plenty of snow on the ground, so hats off for being out pedaling. With its warrens of narrow side streets and alleys, as well as the convergence of the Monon and Canal Towpath trails, bicycle patrols make a lot of sense in Broad Ripple Village proper.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Snow Daze...

Canon Photura, Kodak Gold 200
A snowy brunch with Bobbi and the Data Viking at Zest a couple weekends ago before heading to the gun show. I was burning up a test roll of Kodak Gold 200 in the Canon Photura I won on eBay for $5 from Goodwill. Camera seems to work. I don't know how much I'll use it, but... $5.

Simple Minds

140-character tweets, speeches condensed to soundbites, 300-word tl;dr opinion columns... it's getting to where caricatures of the other guy's political views are condensed to where they'll fit inside a fortune cookie with plenty of room left over.

Democrat? #COMMIE!

Republican? #RACIST!

Seriously, the "conservative = racism" thing is just part of the orthodox liberal catechism now. If you say you're for voter ID laws, no matter what reasons you give, you might as well be telling your Democrat friend or co-worker that you have a Klan robe in the back of the closet at home. They can literally fathom no other reason why one would require some proof that the registered voter is, indeed, who they say they are other than RACIST!

It's a little creepy to experience first-hand. Especially when the Democrat looking at you accusingly is someone who you actually consider kinda uncomfortably racist themselves. I admit, I look a little askance when someone tells me "Oh, I met this new person yesterday..." and the first factoid they give me about them, after their name, is what color their skin is. Well, unless they were white; that never gets mentioned. It's always "Oh, I met this lady, Sheila, at the shelter yesterday, she's a black gal..." or "Susan, the little Asian receptionist at the vet..." but never "Annie, this white girl I know..." But I'm the racist for kinda being in favor of cutting down on voter fraud?

Tempting fate...

So after getting all excited about going to the range yesterday, I looked at the actual weather, which was going to be high forties instead of low fifties, and the fact that my roommate was home sick from work and might need tending-to, and decided that the range could wait until today. It was going to be warmer today, anyway.

Well, it's warmer, alright. Warmer and rainier. Oh well, there's always tomorrow. Dammit.

Monday, March 09, 2015

Still right there waiting...

SoBro Cyclist, Leica R4, Kodak BW400CN
Someone mentioned that they missed black & white film, to which my only answer is that there's no need to miss it, because it's right here. Load some in the old camera, shoot some pics, and develop them yourself or send them off. The cool kids seem to be doing it these days.

Sunday, March 08, 2015

Overheard in Roomie's Bedroom...

So Bobbi is suffering through a kidney stone as stoically as she can, but you can tell she is just miserable. At one point in the morning she went staggering from the smallest room back to her bedroom and collapsed gingerly* into the bed. Little Rannie the cat followed on her heels, jumped up on the foot of the bed, and proceeded up towards Bobbi's head, chirping and warbling all the way.
RX: "Oh, it's so good that your cat is concerned about whether I'm okay or not. She's trying to comfort me."

Me: "Well, that or... Carnivores do follow the weak and sickly, so she could just be hoping you'll fall over."
This is, of course, just joking. Rannie, for all of her often-ill-tempered aloofness, becomes downright solicitous when one of her humans is in distress.

Meanwhile, semi-related and found at Sebastian's place...

*"Collapsing gingerly" was not something I'd seen before.

Dry Fire

Responsible Tam should do some dry-fire work from the holster this evening because tomorrow is going to be the first time I've busted caps on the clock so far this year. (Last time I went to the range I forgot to charge my timer, see.)

Automotif LXIX...

Driving through the neighborhood on the way to get some drive-thru Steak 'n' Shake and what do I spy?
 Well, that rates pulling over and hopping out to go get a closer look...

Yup, that's a Lamborghini Gallardo, alright. I like the license plate frame, too. And before somebody pops off with some nonsense about a Sig Sauer license plate frame not being very "Gray Man", I've got someone who can articulate my response to that far better than I...

See sharp.

A neat Tumblr with photos of the same subjects from the same spots done with a Leica M6 film camera loaded with Ektar 100 (that's a pretty sharp film relative to the 200 and 400 ISO that are the most commonly used for non-professional photography) and various vintages and qualities of digicams, from an older 6MP Kodak Easyshare point-'n'-shoot on up through a 40MP Pentax medium format 645D.

The turning of the seasons...

Let us hoist the wassail cup!

And we'll bicycle around the block at 7:00PM without needing a headlight!

Someone elsewhere grumped that if people wanted to take advantage of more daylight, we should just change our schedules, to which I retorted:
Oh, good idea! I'll just change my schedule. And I'll get my employer and all the places I shop and all my friends to change their schedule, too, since changing just mine would be kind of pointless. I think I'll call it "Daylight Savings Time".
Since this is all just arbitrarily agreed-upon convention, we can keep DST year-round for all I care. Having sunset at close-of-business is ridiculous.