Tuesday, April 02, 2024

As predicted...

Last October, in the immediate aftermath of the Hamas terrorist massacres on Israeli citizens, I wrote:
Zahal has probably a two week window where they could get away with rather a lot of murder and not many tears would be shed until long after the shooting died down.
It was gonna be a tough job rooting out Hamas from their nests among the densely-populated Gaza Strip, but with the outrage still fresh, much of the world would probably look the other way for a reasonable amount of collateral damage.

What's happened though, is the process got bogged down and drawn out and basically the Israelis have been speed-running America's post 9/11 flailing.

It took us almost seven years to go from the collapse of the World Trade Center towers to Nisour Square, but they made it from the Supernova music festival slaughter to wiping out the World Central Kitchen aid workers in less than six months.

News cycles are fast, attention spans are short, and the general public's grace is finite. This latest episode is only going to increase outside pressure on the Israeli government to pursue a cease-fire.