Sunday, February 25, 2018

Slow Sunday...

I did not get a single thing I meant to accomplish finished today.

On the other hand, Melody Lauer was passing through town and we met for dinner and caught up on post-SHOT/pre-TacCon news, so that was cool.

More bloggery will be committed in the AM.

PS: A side effect of my switch to Mac is discovering that Safari on the desktop has a hyperaggressive spellchecker/autocorrect.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Hamming it Up.

Hanging out with Bobbi at a hamfest this morning, going to gawk at tables of stuff that is a total mystery to me.

But you never know what you'll find at these things, because the ham radio nerd circle tends to overlap a lot of other nerd circles I belong to.

Friday, February 23, 2018

A big chunk of the problem...

From an away game...

From a FB discussion stemming from some of that goofy overheated "Kill the NRA" rhetoric... Specifically, a person stating someone should shoot "the kids of the NRA", like it was some faceless entity someplace and not an organization composed of other people participating in that very conversation.

I commented:
It's turned into a self-licking lollipop. If you're a J-school grad writing for a major metropolitan or national news outlet, you almost certainly don't know any (non-closeted) NRA members. So the NRA is a faceless bureaucratic lobbying organization.

This allows such nonsensical soundbites as "the American people are growing fed up with the NRA" without even the faintest twinge of awareness that, dude, the NRA is a subset...and not an insubstantial one...of The American People.

I'm sitting here watching Savannah Guthrie run her suck on the TV and I'm thinking "Actually, honey, I'm not at all fed up with myself. Feeling pretty good about me today, actually."
As far as the "kill, kill, kill" rhetoric, primates heterodyne off each other's moods. Anybody who's ever shot fast for practice at the range and noticed other range patrons start speeding up and doing mag dumps has seen this behavior in action.

Right now, everybody's trying to out-emote each other. You want the chimp on either side of you to see you carrying your share of the troop's weight in the throwing-leaves-and-beating-branches display.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Granny Guns & Kilts in the Streetz

A gun that allows you to yell down a dark hallway "You'd better leave! I've called the cops and I have a gun!" and not be lying will put you ahead of the game in probably eight out of ten private citizen defensive gun usages. If the gun will make a loud noise, there's a better than even chance it will solve the ninth.

It's only on that unlucky tenth incident that things like capacity, caliber, reliability, bullet selection and other angels we gun nerds like to set to dancing on the heads of pins come into play.

As Claude Werner is fond of pointing out, we do a disservice when we make people think that unless they're rocking a G19 in AIWB kydex and can shoot an Advanced score on the FAST cold and on demand, they might as well not even bother carrying a gun at all. Better the LCP in a pocket now than the Glock someday.

The great objective is that every man (and woman) be armed.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Computers, life, and stuff...

So, the big desktop gaming rig had sat lifeless on the corner of my desk for...well, several years now, I'm ashamed to say. The hard drive had shat the bed and I kept meaning to replace it, while using my laptop as a substitute machine.

First it was my cheap 17" HP Pavilion, before going through a couple of more potent, game-capable 15" machines. The irony of the latter is that when doing anything that works the GPU hard, you generally want to keep the lid open for maximum cooling, and so here I'd be, playing games on a 15" screen with a dormant 25" monitor behind it.

I'd been kicking around the idea of a Mac Mini for a while, especially now that I'm using an iPhone and iPad. Being able to get stuff seamlessly back and forth between tablet and phone and working computer would be mighty handy.

I mentioned this in a discussion on Facebook and Marko PM'ed me to say he had a Mini that wasn't being used for anything right now. Further discussion developed that he had a MacBook Air that was also surplus to requirements at the moment. He made me a good price on the pair and so now I'm doing all the stuff involved in setting up a new desktop for work.

Except this one isn't going to have games on it. It's strictly for work stuff during the day. At 6PM I can rack the keyboard and hang up the mouse and lift the lid on the gaming laptop, pull out my Razer Naga, and get my WASD on until bedtime.

The MacBook Air is because, after dragging this six pound beast of a computer and its ginormous power brick around SHOT in my laptop bag, I'll be damned if I'm doing that for NRAAM. Or SHOT next year, for that matter. It doesn't take a lot of machine to do word processing and some simple Lightroom work, or blog updates.

I hadn't used a Mac as my primary machine since...what? OS X Snow Leopard on a G4 eMac? So there's some learning curve going on here as I get back into the groove with the shortcuts and menus and the whole driving on the left side of the road thing.

The Mac Mini desktop had another, unexpected benefit. Moving that huge tower case out and replacing it with the tiny mini-pizza box of the new computer caused me to start excavating the hideous mess on the back of my desk. I'm about halfway to a clean desk and starting to eyeball other notorious clutter areas. If I can quit smoking cold turkey, then turn around and lose some seventy-plus pounds, who knows what other things I can find the willpower to do?

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Age related issues...

So the Zed Drei is twenty years old this year. That's the chronological equivalent of a 1966 Jaguar E-type (Or a BMW 1600 coupe) when I was in high school. I've been driving it for seventeen of those twenty years. And age is starting to catch up with it.

There are a host of niggling issues: The car's been needing a new top for years. The HVAC fan only works on the highest of the four settings. The windshield washer packed it in last summer and I haven't gotten around to figuring out why. The power steering pump leaks (a known issue). The headlight covers need replacing or polishing.

Of late, the car's developed a tendency to want to stall when it switches from cold to warm idle, so I guess it's time to take it into the shop to see what's up, and probably get the front brakes done while it's in there.

It's definitely time to decide what I'm going to do about the top; replace it? Or get a transportation pod for foul weather and roadtrips and just have the Zed Drei for top-down days?

Monday, February 19, 2018

I don't think you've thought this through.

As George Washington said when he burst into the Hessian commander's room in Trenton, "Prithee, what now, bytches?"

Stew night...

I ran by Fresh Market after lunch today and picked up a few ingredients which Bobbi turned into a fabulous stew for dinner. The turnips are a great lower-carb stand-in for potatoes in this application.

In other news, my weight loss app on my phone says I've lost a hair over twenty pounds since I started using it in September. I'm only three pounds over what I wanted to weigh at SHOT Show time. Onward!

Self Betterment


The brown stuff is obviously worse.

Sebastian brings a fantastic analogy for the "assault weapons" debate. You should go read it right now.


In a world of home CNC machine shops and 3D printing, if you "ban guns" you're only going to keep them out of the hands of the law-abiding.