Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Gear Ho': Ninja Flashlight of Death.

A recent power outage convinced me that I needed a dedicated around-the-house flashlight in a place I could find it, so my Surefire G2 got demoted from my pocket to my nightstand. This, of course, made a splendid excuse for buying a new flashlight.

Taking advantage of a few spare ducats rolling around in my purse and a good sale at work, I skipped over the Nitrolon G2 and went for the Z2. I then strolled over to where we keep the super-swoopy GG&G accessories and picked up a TID for it. Now my light is not only a combat light, but it has a tactical impact device.

The odds of me ever having to put a beatdown on somebody with a flashlight are located somewhere in the murky area between "slim" and "none", but it sure does look cool. I mean, hey, a choice between 'just a flashlight' and a tactical combat light with fangs is no choice at all.

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