Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Politics: A House Divided By Katrina...

Do you believe:

A) Halliburton, the NRA, and Big Oil ordered Bush to cause Hurricane Katrina in order to drive up oil prices and spur support for fascist homeland security measures,

B) Activist judges, the UN, and Michael Moore ordered Osama Bin Laden to use Saddam-supplied "Hurricane Bombs" to drive support for gay marriage and boost Hillary's chances in '08, or

C) You'd like to join the other three remaining sane people in the nation for beer and poker at my place.

Please choose one, and supply your reasons, which will not be graded, but (if A or B) will probably be laughed at and stapled to the wall at work for exposure to community derision. Thank you.

1 comment:

Marko said...

You would have greatly enjoyed the pony-tailed Marxist professor of sociology I had to suffer last night...he would have marked option A on your quiz so fervently that his pencil would have torn the paper.