Thursday, September 28, 2017

Turd World Living Conditions

They told me that when I quit smoking, I'd get my sense of smell back. What they didn't tell me was how much of the world smelled like hobo piss.

Actually, while Broad Ripple does have its small platoon of vagrants, known locally as "Bridge Kids" for their habit of congregating around the bridges over the canal and guitaring at passing strangers for pocket change, they probably aren't the majority of the culprits. Most pee smells one runs across in the alleys and passages of the village are likely from someone who couldn't wait until they got in their car and went home after leaving Chumley's or the Vogue at 0300 on a Saturday.

This is completely dwarfed by the problem San Diego is apparently having with its vagrant population, whose urban outdoor pooping has caused a mini-outbreak of hepatitis A, leading to the city needing to pressure wash its downtown with bleach and water biweekly.
"Health authorities in San Diego have ruled out contaminated food, beverages, and drugs as the source of the outbreak. Instead, they believe the primary drivers of the outbreak are person-to-person contact and “contact with a fecally contaminated environment.”

San Diego’s mayor Kevin Faulconer is now moving forward with a plan to have crews use a bleach and chlorine-solution to pressure wash streets and outdoor surfaces that may be contaminated with feces, bodily fluids, or blood. The sanitary washes started this week and will occur every other week.