Sunday, September 03, 2017

Eight hundred...

Friday morning saw me at Indy Arms Co. again with the P30L and 200 rounds of Speer Lawman 147gr ball ammo.

The first two magazines were fired at three yards.

For the first 15-round magazine, I presented from low ready to the left-hand 1" square, then transitioned to the left-hand 2" circle, and then the 3"x5" . For the second magazine, I reversed that: I presented to the 3"x5", then transitioned to the right-hand 2" circle, then the right-hand 1" square.

The latter was harder. You can see I drove my sights past the right hand square on one shot.

I then fired the remaining twenty rounds of that first box of ammo in two mags of ten, presenting from low ready to the left-hand 2" dot and then transitioning to the right-hand one for ten reps.

The remaining 150 rounds were fired from seven yards at the 8" circle, trying to establish a good rate of speed while still getting 100% hits.

The HK P30L has now fired 800 rounds since it was last cleaned or lubricated with no failures of any type to report. 1200 rounds left to go.