Thursday, March 22, 2018

The Culture War Heats Up

Some of those magazines represent my livelihood.

My words, my name, are on their pages.

My first real job was bagging groceries in a Kroger. I rode my bicycle to the local Kroger to earn the money I used to buy my first car. I’ve retained a nostalgic fondness for the chain ever since. I have written often on this blog of our tiny neighborhood Kroger here in Broad Ripple and its convenience and friendly employees. I ride my bicycle there frequently in the nicer months to get groceries.

Forget abstractions like natural rights and constitutional protections, this is an outright attack by them on my livelihood. They are drawing a bead right on my wallet.

Kroger is dead to me. They’ll never again see one red cent of my money.

They probably wouldn’t want it anyway, since it came from those abhorrent gun magazines.