Friday, March 30, 2018

It caught up with me...

I didn't get SHOT crud this year, maintaining my perfect track record, but in retrospect, something was up. By the end of February, I'd developed a low, productive cough that lingered. I was otherwise asymptomatic and told myself it would just go away.

No fever, no aches, and March was so busy, what with Tac-Con and then the FPF Training class in Terre Haute...

My luck ran out yesterday morning, as my lungs felt clearer but affairs had obviously moved into my upper respiratory tract. Now my immune system has finally taken note of affairs, and the tender palate, fever, dripping sinuses, and sore lymph nodes of what is no doubt some variety of flu are in full effect.

Fortunately, I think this morning was probably Peak Awful. I stayed in bed 'til after noon, and it seems to have paid off somewhat. If it stays on this arc, I'll just avoid the pill-roller at the Walgreens. But if I feel like this tomorrow afternoon? Probably time to go get my humors checked.