Wednesday, April 17, 2019


So, it had been a while since I'd shot a timed FAST in a class environment. Way back in late 2015, as a matter of fact, in a Langdon class, I shot a 7.62 raw time with the M&P I was carrying at the time. A dropped shot on the 3x5 card made it a 9.62, which still squeaked into "Intermediate".

Since then, I had switched to the Glock 19 for carry and gotten to the point where I was pretty comfortable turning in clean mid-to-high sevens, at least by myself or with a friend or two on the range, but performance kinda languished there. I knew what work it would take to get past that, but really couldn't be arsed to do it.

This year I'm trying something different. I want to get good with a DA trigger on that first shot, and so that's what I'm working on. I'm still not to the point that it doesn't eat my lunch on that first shot on a timer, but I was encouraged that I shot my best FAST in a class environment a couple weekends ago with the Langdon Beretta in Murphy's class out in Terre Haute. After an abortion of a first run where both the draw and the reload began with me grabbing big handfuls of my gun burkha, my second run was an 8.10 clean, with really pretty shots on the 3x5, to boot.