Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Tool Fixated

When rolling around in a force-on-force scuffle in a class like ECQC, you can sometimes see people get "tool fixated". You will see, for instance, someone get completely fixated on the task of clearing a malfunction in a Simunitions Glock that choked when they tried firing it with the other person's hand around the slide, or perhaps obsessively trying to wrench a Sims gun away from their opponent.

While they're doing this, they lose awareness of the entirety of the situation and their opponent is now repeatedly "stabbing" them with a training knife, like a monkey with a screwdriver.

The same can happen on a macro level:
If you focus on the weapon, you can miss everything else. Addo told me that knives were involved in only about twenty per cent of the cases he sees at Homerton. “We see all manner of mundane instruments used as weapons, from bricks on the street to poles to bottles in clubs. We have become fixated on knives, but it’s violence,” he said. “It is the desperation that causes you to weaponize anything around you.”
It’s almost like the ability to use our hands to pick something up and use it as an improvised weapon is a defining characteristic of humanity.

To quote a David Drake character from Patriots: "Don't you never hit a man with your bare hand unless your feet are nailed to the floor of an empty room."