Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Gyros Tumbled.

Bobbi is working the weird shift this week.

The easiest solution, which would probably cause the least disruption, would be if I just shifted my schedule out as well. It's theoretically easy enough to do; I can write at night as easily as in the daytime, after all.

However those of you with cats that are fed on a schedule know how well telling the cats "Well, you're getting fed at noon and midnight this week instead of 6AM and 6PM" would work.

So, I'm up to feed the cats right now and then I'll probably try and lay down to get four or five hours sleep until Bobbi wakes up. Then I'll try and get in a couple hours of writing before laying back down for two or three more hours of sleep before the little monsters wake me up for their breakfast.

Which is basically what I did the last couple days, and let me tell you, it does not a thing for my mood or the coherency of my thought processes.