Friday, October 05, 2012

Reefer madness!

So, last night I was a Level 70 Blood Elf hunter, running around the realm of Azeroth with my faithful pet sabertooth tiger, slaying Lovecraftian fish men and bringing peace between warring factions of Water Elementals and Fire Elementals.

This apparently disqualifies me for a gig in the Maine state senate, at least according to the Maine GOP:

When they were slicing up the demographic pie in Maine, it is blatantly obvious that the Republicans got the clueless, painfully unhip Church Ladies and the Democrats got the graphic designers.

She probably listens to that rock and roll music, too!


(via email.)


Robb Allen said...

Holy crap.

I just leveled-up on face palming.

What's the highest ranking you can get on Tone Deafness?

Dave said...

So, how long till Tom Hanks is hired to make Mazes & Monsters 2, where his character goes insane from too much WOW?

jetfxr69 said...

Left this as a message on their site:

Dear Maine GOP,

I'm registered as a republican in Ohio, and I have to tell you that your position and ludicrous defense thereof are going to make it THAT MUCH harder for me to influence my friends and neighbors in the upcoming election. Your complete tone-deafness and disconnect from reality is hard to comprehend when I read about the flyer you put up castigating a Democrat candidate who plays World of Warcraft. The people who are apparently living in a fantasy world are the folks who wrote and defended the flyer, NOT the Dem candidate.

Over half of the United States' population plays online games of some form, some for many hours in a day/night/week. Many others play golf for hours at a time. (Ever try to get a round played in an hour? Doesn't work, does it?) Most of us with hobbies have managed to learn to prioritize our time to the "important things"--like work, family, church (for some), etc--and put time into our hobbies when we need to recreate. Your position is GUARANTEED to turn off undecided voters in your State, and across the country.

Thank you SO much for that.

Please consider withdrawing the flyer, and publicly castigating the fool(s) who wrote, promulgated, and defended it. Do the public shaming LOUDLY on the internet and we might be able to repair some of the damage you've done to the cause of limited and responsible government.


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

It's not JUST about WoW. It's also that she is a rude execrable human being that was too dim to realize that her Twitter feed might have later political implications.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Well, maybe not that execrable.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Hello! McFly! Wake Up! Maine GOP: if you can't argue against a Democratic Candidate on Unemployment, the Economy, Taxes, State Budgets, etc., then you deserve to get your Clocked Clean!

God, I HATE the "Taliban Wing" of the GOP!

Angus McThag said...

She's prolly a low-ping bastard too!

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...


SteveG said...

Playing World of Warcraft shouldn't be a disqualifying factor for anything. Playing Horde on World of Warcraft OTOH...


Ian Argent said...

I shudder to think what their opinion of my hours spent playing team fortress 2 would be.

Stingray said...

I'm only going to vote for her if she finished the grind to get her legendary daggers.

LabRat said...

Armorying her, she appears to be a casual player who goes for goals that can be achieved in variable chunks of one's own time without major dedication to the game. Every bit as horrifying as finding out a candidate sometimes watches TV in the evening.

Wonder if she'd gotten the negative ad if she played a holy paladin?

Ian Argent said...

Or if it turned out she was a fantasy football fanatic?

cj said... not understand!

Sort of like the reaction many people have when they find out I like to use devices to hurl metal projectiles at paper on weekends.

westofthewest said...

"Every time I think I'm in, they keep pushing me back out" - Michael Corleone

Kristophr said...

Hellscream in 2012!

amcz said...

I want to see a candidate who admits to playing RapeLay. Feminists are sure to love *that*.

Anonymous said...

Decent people do find the ideas embodied to be ...deviant... at best.
I can't imagine wasting my life playing in an online fantasy world.
How's your Farmville coming along?

Chris Cleaning said...

I never understood how people could spend hours and hours of there time playing in a fantasy. It's a brave new world out there enjoy it.

Tirno said...


You're are the first computer controlled NPC in the game of Blog that I've ever seen critique his own existence. That's so totally meta. My compliments to your programmer.

I love this game. Sure, all these comments are so lifelike, they almost, but not quite, pass a Turing test. The fantasy that there are a lot of people out there in the world that like the same kinds of things as me and they all have their own computers is the most fantastic fiction ever.

You know what's pathetic, though? There are these sad, lonely people, that play a static, offline version of Internet. It's a game called "Reading Fiction" on the Book(tm) platform. The re-playability is low, and the writing varies from pretty good to downright awful, but where's the interactivity? Your brain will atrophy if there isn't some give-and-take, just taking it in but not putting anything back into the game.

I could be worse. There are people that play a video game called "Watching Professional Sports" that is so totally lame that the only controls on the gamepad that work just make the volume go up and down. Some people actually LARP that stuff, which makes them just as sad a Furries.

Ed said...

To the people running both Parties, Republican and Democratic, people who game online extensively have alienated themselves because they are then unreachable by television advertizing. They probably will then make a less brainwashed, rational decision on voting day. Oh the horror! Oh the unpredictability!

BTW I am not an online gamer, but have developed the habit of DVRing television to fast forward advertising the second or more time I see an ad. Once is enough for me, while some say even that is too many.

NotClauswitz said...

So, On-line is the new Independent?

DanH said...

As a new Double Agent (that's max level on both alliance and horde, see me geek cred) I have to say that I am totally not surprised about this from the party that gave us Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe.

ddbaxte said...

Sent this to a friend. His response: "I wouldn't vote for her due to the fact she went assassination. We all know subtlety is the superior build."

Kristophr said...

Hey, my rogue is Assassination.

Bite me.

Justthisguy said...

I may be an old fuddy-duddy, but I prefer the old Adventure text games. You did them all by yourself, and had to use your wits and imagination.

I deplore all of this social nonsense.

MSgt B said...

Next we're going to find out she's a "Camping Fag" on Call of Duty.

Nah, nevermind. They have depictions of evil gunz in that game...

Tam said...

Anon 2:22,

"Decent people do find the ideas embodied to be ...deviant... at best.
I can't imagine wasting my life playing in an online fantasy world.
How's your Farmville coming along?

Dunno, don't have a Farmville. I'm glad you enjoy wasting your life commenting in my online fantasy world.

You know what I find deviant? Worrying one's head about how other people spend their leisure hours.

Tam said...


"I deplore all of this social nonsense."

And yet here you are.

Stingray said...

And yet here you are.

Fortunately the GMs of various servers like to talk and make sure we all know which bot-mods he uses and the patches to deal with 'em. Sadly, the "recognize everybody thinks you're a rude, hypocritical, amoral fucking totchbag because you're a rude hypocritical amoral fucking totchbag" patch isn't compliant with that version of the client. This is of course everybody else's fault, but that's more a symptom of the immunity to the patch than anything else.

Jericho941 said...

Hell, it only disqualifies her for having crap choice in games.

Now pardon me while I go stick a packet of C4 under a camping n00b sniper, throw an ammo box at his head, and then just as he turns around and realizes I'm there, detonate the C4. >:-D

Silver the Evil Chao said...

Oh man.

*boots up Steam, looks at Skyrim hours*

151 hours played. Looks like I can't run for Senate.

markm said...

I'm not an on-line gamer - because I DON'T HAVE THE TIME to play to my addictions.

JFP said...

Talk about missing the mark, Jenkins style Maine GOP. I'd lolz though if they found a forum rant of her crying for hunter nerfs.

There are only two types of rogues. Dead ones and the heroes on my team who slide out of stealth to gank the bastard who just stun locked me before I could fear bomb them. No, I never played bait the rogue in the Basin.. no sirree bub.

She probably voted for Garrosh. Thats just unforgiveable.

Justthisguy said...

@JFP: Huh? I swear, I don't understand you kids, these days.

Text Adventure games on eight-bit computers running CP/M are more my speed.

I will say that some people of similar age to mine are such clueless Luddites as to boggle the mind.

Stingray said...

I will say that some people of similar age to mine are such clueless Luddites as to boggle the mind.

Couldn't have said it better myself.

Leit said...

I... geez. Really.

Looks like a rule 4 violation to me. And much like the huntard who tab-targets the wrong mob, it's the whole party that'll suffer, and now everyone hates them.

Don said...

Holy fucking shit, though, she used a REALLY bad word. A c-word. And a v-word!

She might have a v-word! Or even a c-word!

Windy Wilson said...

Wonder if she'd gotten the negative ad if she played chess?

There the foot soldiers and knights are completely abstracted as the chessmaster impassively sends them to their deaths.

Anonymous said...

Opposition research is fine if it sticks to principles. Well, relevant principles. Someone needs to learn that. OK; several someones. -- Lyle

Kristophr said...

JFP: Army of the Dead, Icebound lolitude, anti-magic shell, Death and Decay.

Then Deathgrip your ass to me.

Your rogue friend had best just slink away and wait for AMS and the D&D to fade.

Justthisguy said...

Stingray seems to think that I am more, or less, or at least other than who and what I am. What is wrong with that boy? Is he imagining things, or what?

I never do deceit on the Net, or IRL

My late-night drunken grumpy Internet opinions are always straight from the heart.

I may well regret them the next morning, but I trust y'all to yell at me in emails to correct me if I have done wrong.

Oh, @Stingray @2:17?


I have never ever tried to deceive anybody on the Net, or pretend to be anybody other than who I actually am.

Where do you live? Do you have a friend (unlikely) who could meet a friend of mine, so that we might arrange a meeting?

I am not kidding. I am past 60, so I see no reason to be particuarly careful about preserving my life. My Dear Dead Kitteh passed away a coupla months back at the age of 17, so I have no hostages to fortune.

As a professing Christian, I am not allowed to challenge people. As a citizen of the US, I am also not allowed to challenge people.

I could make exceptions to both of those conditions if I were sufficiently angry and didn't care what happened to me.

I am not yet that angry, and I don't care to go to prison, or Paraguay.

Justthisguy said...

P.s. Just sayin'. When I discussed what the person I refer to as my ex-brother did to me, I had several internet buds offer to act as my seconds, always assuming impunity from The Law. The problem was finding a surgeon who was willing to attend.

Stingray, if I meet you, I don't care if I have a surgeon in attendance, or not, or if I live or die, after the lies you wrote about me.

I just want to get my just licks in, and punish you.

Justthisguy said...

Tam, this may be social, but Tam don't do nonsense, and Stingray really does need to see a shrink, I believe, as the nonsense he is generating is getting me all angry and grumpy, which event I deplore.

As somebody who thinks he is somewhat Autistic, believe me when I say that I hate psychiatrists almost as much as Scientologists do, but I really do think that Stingray would be better off if he consulted one, or maybe an exorcist. The boy just ain't right.

I do try to keep a cool head.

Stingray has failed to warm it up, any. I just can't get angry at him again, his recent statements being so silly.

I don't do libel, nor slander.