Thursday, October 25, 2012

Obamacare is safe now.

A post at Indiana Barrister reminded me of one of my favorite Futurama quotes...
Fry: My girlfriend had one of those. Actually it wasn't hers, it was her dad's. And she wasn't my girlfriend, she just lived next door and never closed her curtains.

Leela: Fry, remember what we said about ending your stories a sentence earlier?
So, about thirty-seven seconds after they get sworn in next January, the GOP-dominated House passes a bill to repeal Obamacare, whereupon it goes to the Senate and... and... Good frickin' job, Mourdock.

I'm going to miss those Donnelly ads that painted Mourdock as a radical who wanted to abolish the Department of Education; I'd cheer when they called him a Tea Party Zealot. "Yeah, and...?"

It's gonna be all-rape, all the time from here on out.

Future political historians (assuming there are any writing by candlelight after the complete fiscal collapse) will point to this as The Sentence That Saved Obamacare.


Bubblehead Les. said...

Well, ONE of the Sentences. Remember Akin of Missouri's "Magical Self-Aborting Woman's Gene in Case of Rape."

Which does bring to mind why MourDumb would even be worried about a Rape or Incest baby. Aren't he and Akin Deacon's in Scudder's Church?

And let's not forget that Scott Brown said the other day that he's "Not going to Blindly Follow the Republican Leadership, and that Mitch McConnell will have to EARN his Vote."

Of course, this is the Same Guy who's being Backed by Mickey Bloomberg because "Scott is the one who Single-Handedly DEFEATED National Right-to-Carry in the Senate".

So yeah, it's looking like Harry Reid gets to keep the Top Spot come January.

And the Republicans need to have a Party Purge. They should start at the Top and ask a simple Question or two.

"Do you know the Definition of the word "Vetting? And why in Hell don't you do so?"

Stranger said...

Well, Mourdock is well known as an anti-abortionist. One who opposes abortion for any reason. So the part of his comment seized on by the media is hardly surprising.

While the thought of a twelve year old rape - or incest - victim being forced to have a baby she does not want and has no ability to raise being forced to have and to support that child for 18 years is repellent, it is considered a valid theological argument.

As someone who will comprise just one percent of the Senate Mourdock will not have much say on the subject.

But as a probable 51st and deciding vote against gun control or ObamaCare or continuing to print money Mourdock will have influence all out of proportion to his party affiliation or his seniority.

Everyone must make a decision on what is important to them. Is the probability of losing most of our health care system to ObamaCare - and our economy to hyperinflation - is of lesser concern than the remote possibility that the United States might "go Irish" and force a rape victim to bear a child you should vote against Mourdock.


Tam said...


"Everyone must make a decision on what is important to them."

Doesn't matter how I vote now.

Up until he torpedoed his campaign on live TV the other night, Mourdock had a good chance to eke out a squeaker. Now? Well, let's just say that his margin of defeat will be large enough that I don't think me voting for Horning will affect anything much, one way or t'other.

Kristophr said...


The place to fix this needs to be at the nominating convention.

Until the preachers and the business-socialists can be pushed out of precinct committees, these fuck-ups in the face of the enemy will continue.

Because we didn't get these folks out, we may have to spend the next four years with 50 state exemptions and the like as the Obamacare Zombie continues to lurch around chasing braaaaaiiinnns!

Reno Sepulveda said...

Republicans live by the Evangelical sword. No wonder they so often die by it.

There is a way to appeal to Christians without pandering the... sheep.

Anonymous said...

So, not only is the anti-Dim electorate as single-issue as the Dims themselves, but "our" single issue is one that is completely unaffected by the personal views of this particular practitioner of last-sentence diarrhea?

Pot/kettle. We deserve what we get.


Tam said...


You can wish it was different as hard as you want to, but you know as well as I do that it's all over but the crying for the Mourdock campaign now.

Anonymous said...

Absolutism is a stupid way to go through life.

Seriously, no matter what you personally and fervently believe in, would it kill politicians to say:

"This is what I believe in, however given that a great number of people would object for reasons I do understand, I will vote to have some (limited) exceptions , so that I better represent my electorate."

See, that wasn't hard.

Lefty's can play the same fiddle on gun control and whatever stupid things they believe in.

The Quiet Man said...

This is the exact asshattery that has earned the republican party their nickname - The Stupid Party. Seriously, they're like Pavlov's dog, a liberal asks them a question about abortion and they feel compelled to answer it...and no matter how many times they see one of their compatriots touch a hot stove and get burned when given the opportunity to touch it themselves they gladly reach out their hand...

Trav said...

You honestly think the Republicans will remember their promise to repeal Obamneycare? My, aren't you the little optimist?

Jake (formerly Riposte3) said...

They'll make a good show of it before failing by a small margin. If necessary, some Republican who doesn't plan to get reelected will "independently" vote against the party line to keep it alive.

That way the Republican Party leadership can point and say "Look, we made a good faith effort! We just couldn't get the votes! That means most people want Obamacare!"

Tam said...


"You honestly think the Republicans will remember their promise to repeal Obamneycare?"

Depends. How bad will they want to keep their phoney baloney jobs? If you think they give one flying flip about, as you call it, "Obamneycare", one way or another beyond how it impacts their chances of getting reelected, then...

"My, aren't you the little..."

...well, something.

Tam said...

(Ironically, the Dems keeping the Senate makes a House bill overturning Obamacare even MORE likely to pass, since its certain shoot-down in the Senate makes it safe even for Blue Dog Democrats provided it pops up early enough in the session for their Union-powered voters to have forgotten how they voted come November of '14...)

NotClauswitz said...

I think I'll go enjoy a bleach and lye cocktail...or is there something that works faster and less painfully?

Joe in PNG said...

Let's see, after a close vote in the Senate, Obama care survives, but gets pretty much neutered by the states. It then becomes just another in a long series of bad laws that will get repealed at some later time. Like the ton of useless federal gun laws on the books.

I how all the NRA rated 'A' Democratic Senators would vote on a repeal of the GCA and other useless gun laws?

Old NFO said...

Sadly, I think you may be exactly right Tam... Dammit!

Anonymous said...

you're right Tam, What we need is politicians who will lie to us to get our votes.

Anonymous said...

"'s all over but the crying for the Mourdock campaign now."

Probably. And I'd be tempted to say that's because so many are so easily swayed by ignorance, irrelevance, and exploitation by those with an agenda.

Except that some very smart people I "know" made the same choice immediately, and of their own volition.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous, 1.09PM 25 Oct makes a good point. Why should it matter what politicians believe, surely they should represent the views of the community that elected them, not their personal views?

I spent 10 years representing a large group of doctors and I tried to put forward the views of the group regarding what they wanted rather than putting my view of what I believed was best for them. It is not easy; it probably increased substantially my alcohol intake but it is doable.

Mike from Oz

Anonymous said...

>"You honestly think the Republicans will remember their promise to repeal Obamneycare?"

Uh Trav, the talking point since at least January of this year has been "Repeal and Replace". So yes, given half a chance I'm 100% certain that the GOP would indeed repeal and then replace with something just as awful, just as intrusive, just as foolhardy and fiscally irresponsible, but with absolutely no mandate to pay for abortion or birth control.

You're right in one respect, as soon as 0bamacare got "deemed as passed" we were doomed.


Tam said...


"Except that some very smart people I "know" made the same choice immediately, and of their own volition."

Well, shit, PB, then maybe you should stop reading their blogs. After all, why listen to what they meant when you could twist their meanings into what you think they meant.

Hell, we get what we deserve, no?

Anonymous said...


"...I consider myself released from my pledge to make my mark by your name on the ballot come November, Mr. Mourdock..."

Coulda sworn what "they" meant by that is that "they" decided, right then and there and for that reason only, Mr. M. was off "their" vote list and joining PB on "their" shit list. Sorry if that seems twisted. Please correct me as to what you actually "meant"?

And you know of course, after lo these many, that the only way to quash a contrarian is to hit DELETE.


Tam said...


Before I get to the meat of my response, I'd like to comment on this:

"And you know of course, after lo these many, that the only way to quash a contrarian is to hit DELETE."

I don't delete posts. Other than spambots, only one commenter has ever forced me to that extreme: A Reynold's-Wrap-yarmulke-wearing weirdo who was literally CTRL-C/CTRL-V'ing faster than I could read while I was sitting in a hotel room at Knob Creek back in the Autumn of '09.

Other than that, the only named poster who has been directed to not return was my proud Nazi stalker, "NeoNietzsche" waaayyy back in... early '06? Despite his creepiness and otherwise repulsive attitudes, he was gentleman enough to split when asked. For those too uncouth to comply with the proprietress's requests, the Cut Direct will have to suffice.

I am not telling you to not return, but I am suggesting that if the contents of this page cause you such angst, perhaps your time on the internet would be better served elsewhere, rather than telling me how to direct my thoughts? Just some thing to ponder...

Now, on to other matters:

"Coulda sworn what "they" meant by that is that "they" decided, right then and there and for that reason only, Mr. M. was off "their" vote list and joining PB on "their" shit list. Sorry if that seems twisted."

Only 'twisted' in the sense that you're 'twisting' it to fit what you think I was saying.

I voted in the Republican primary reluctantly, mostly in the hope of unseating that jackass Lugar. I considered myself bound to vote for Mr. Mourdock in the general election because of this, on the assumption that he had a prayer in hell of winning. Since he now does not, I consider myself free to vote my conscience instead, which saves on clothespin costs and is therefore a win/win for everybody involved.

I'd say that I hope this clears things up for you, but really I wouldn't lose a wink of sleep if it doesn't, since the only person who can disturb my slumber is myself.

Good evening, sir.

Trav said...

I stand by my original assertion that Obamacare will NOT be repealed. There may be a little show, but I don't expect anything of substance to be changed.

The Repubs will rely on two things: 1) the average R voter won't defect to the D party (assuming they even remember this in the '14 election), and 2) the average R voter will tolerate almost limitless abuse on his freedom as long as the abuser has an "R" after his name.

DanH said...

I had almost the exact same reaction to Mr Akin a few months back...and got into the same argument with people on another site (dedicated to Missouri politics) when I said there was no way I would vote for someone so stupid. Have fun with all the people blaming you for not taking the senate, Tam ;p I know I did.

sobriant74 said...

Hey, at least you're voting, some bloggers I know are giving up and staying home on election day.
Good for you.

rickn8or said...

Roger that, Quiet Man. It's like watching the same train wreck over and over again.