Sunday, October 28, 2012

Mini Gear Review #1:

RCS Vanguard 2 w/Glock 19.
The photo above is of a Glock 19 in Raven Concealment Systems Vanguard 2, which is like a holster, only smaller.

It's basically nothing but a little clamshell guard over the trigger, and a belt loop. Its biggest downside is that there's no real way to "reholster", should you have to draw it for real. You'd have to remove the holster from your belt, pop it back on the gun, and stick the whole assembly back into your waistband.

On the other hand, for administrative on-and-off purposes, removing the whole gun and "holster" assembly from your trousers is as simple as popping one snap (or un-threading one belt loop, depending on where on your belt you carry; whichever is quicker).
It also comes with a piece of string that you can substitute for the belt loop and strut arrangement; you tie it off to the hole in the bottom there and then loop it 'round the belt. 

Using a looped shoelace to make a "holster" is sometimes referred to as an "OSS holster", since back in WWII, our guys running around behind enemy lines would tuck their 1911s and Victory Models inside their drawers that way. If needed, they could toss the gun and not have an incriminating holster left on the belt for the bad guys to find. We still have guys in the Army doing stuff much like that, but they don't often carry 1911s or Victory Models anymore, hence the genesis of the above holster.

While not a general-purpose everyday carry kind of holster for me, I've found it perfect for days when my errands are going to take me through No-Toting Zones, since it goes on and off almost as quickly as just stuffing the pistol down your trousers, while giving the security of a belt loop (as opposed to clips or J-hooks, which just don't give me the warm-'n'-fuzzies.)


Al T. said...

Got two of the string models. Works very well just as you've described, just wish they were orange. The belt loop probably works more better.

Anonymous said...

There is an even more minimalist holster design: The Zacchaeus Concealment Holster, made by Dale Fricke Holsters. It is particularly useful for those that like "Mexican Carry" or reverse in small of the back).



~Jim Rawles~

Fred said...

I've been contemplating one of these, but I am iffy about leaving that much gun exposed to my sweaty body.

DJ said...

Bought two of the Vanguard 2 models, and am very happy with them. I leave one set-up with the belt loop, and the other with the lanyard. Having carried chamber-empty IWB for many years (for various reasons), I like the increase in readiness without additional bulk.

Micki Mahoney said...

What, no "... or are you just pleased to see me?" jokes, in a post about men putting full-sized service-pistols down their underpants?

Your mother and I are very disappointed in you, Internets. Go to your room until you learn how to be puerile.

Just My 2¢ said...

On my list. I want another option when I don't feel like grabbing my screwdriver and converting my Phantom to IWB.

rick said...

Wait, wait, I'm confused. Is it a mini-review of a piece of gear, or a review of a mini-piece of gear?