Monday, July 10, 2017

Saturday, Caturday, Gaturday...

I think Huck had the right idea for Saturday, nevertheless I saddled up and headed over to the range.

The weather was glorious, with temps in the mid-70s and low humidity. A few puffy white clouds to add some texture to a mostly clear blue sky... It's weather such as this that makes one mighty happy to be able to drop the top on a roadster.

Shooting at Indy Arms Co. was mostly just for fun, using the Gen3 Glock 19 that used to be my carry gun. It's the one I used to do the first "2k round" series of posts here on the blog.

I put a hundred rounds through the gun, working on pulling the trigger faster. I'm getting the hang of it slowly, but it demands that the grip not be all jacked up. Incidentally, this range trip put the gun over the 4,000-round mark, at 4,044 rounds. It ran fine.