Monday, January 08, 2018

Long haul truckin'...

Indianapolis to Shawnee, Oklahoma is a pretty long-ish haul. It was something on the order of 740 miles on the odometer by the time I got down here. I drove in my usual style, stopping only long enough to put gas in the car.

Of course I stopped to get gas in Terre Haute, despite being only a couple gallons down at that point. See, since I have a dangerous firearm strapped to my hip, I'm only olly-olly-oxen-free driving across The Land of Lincoln so long as I don't exit the vehicle.

I gassed up again just on the far side of Saint Louis and again in southwest Missouri, grabbing a packet of soy & wasabi almonds and a Monster Zero at the latter gas stop for at least a little stomach ballast.

Having left Indy just before sunrise, I rolled into the hotel parking lot right before sundown. It was -6°F on the Z3's thermometer as I crossed the Wabash at dawn, and 34°F in Shawnee when I got here. Tonight it's still above 40°F here just before midnight, but tomorrow morning I'm headed back to a predicted high in the mid 30s and "wintry mix".