Thursday, January 11, 2018

Still more abuse...

I hit the range at Indy Arms Co. yesterday morning with the Glock 32 and another hundred rounds of Lucky Gunner's Remington .357SIG 125gr FMJ to subject the Surefire XC1B to more trial-by-muzzle blast.

I'll note that the switches are positioned such that, if you shoot with a thumbs-forward grip, the Glock 32 recoils enough that you're likely to inadvertently turn the light on while shooting. It's probably because of this that the light needed a new battery by the end of yesterday's range session. Fortunately AAA batteries are cheap and we keep plenty of them on hand at home.

Also, every hundred rounds, I'm tightening the battery cap. Blue Loctite should correct this if it becomes annoying.

I had applied a little grease to the lens at the start of the test, and yesterday I wiped it with a Q-tip and the lens is clean and clear as new.

This gets the testing up to 550 rounds, and the light is still functioning.