Monday, December 03, 2018

Robots taking jobs!

"Fifteen people, plus or minus a few. Their work is used for an hour and a half, at least twice that for Producers and Directors, and an added hour for Audio and Floor on prep and clean-up; the full-timers work shifts that include another hour of news at noon or 10/11 p.m., but they've got to be paid for eight hours and kept busy -- and not one of these people is involved in the collection and reporting of news..."
Bobbi has a fascinating piece on the effects of automation and technology on the operations of the local TV station.

Also, engineering spaces and studios have gotten a lot colder. See, when they were built, the problem was how to keep them cool enough, since they were jammed with powerful analog transmitters and ultra-bright incandescent studio lights. Now that everything's digital and LED, buildings that used to be kept warm by waste heat...aren't.