Sunday, December 30, 2018


Slept late, watched Meet the Press and the Hoosier-specific business week in review show that follows it, and then dozed for a bit.

I am entirely out of several varieties of clean clothes, so I'd have to do laundry before even thinking about leaving the house.

I also have three cans of Diet Dew left in the fridge, which is barely enough to get me rolling in the morning.

Fortunately, with Amazon's PrimeNow service, I can get the soda delivered for about the exact same price it's sold down the street, plus a five buck delivery fee and a tip for the driver.

I think ten bucks is an absolutely worthwhile price to pay to not have to change out of pyjamas and face the weekend shopping crowd. I'll just throw a couple bottles of diet tonic water and a 32GB SD card in the cart while I'm at it.