Friday, May 24, 2019

Automotive Inflation...

An excerpt from an hilarious Ezra Dyer piece at C/D on the thousand-dollar car:
What all these cars have in common is that they run and drive and I kind of want them. I wasn't looking for an Iron Duke Fiero, but something about a $1000 price tag fires the imagination. You could take the body off and make it a dune buggy! Or put a golf-cart motor in it and call it your Testeless Roadster. Or drive it around town and start rumors about yourself. People would be like, "I heard he invented shampoo and he's superrich, but he'll only drive a Fiero with one headlight popped up."
I understand these urges.

What's interesting is that in my adolescence, a thousand bucks was generally the floor for a pretty decent used car. Beaters were under a grand, and over the thousand dollar mark would generally get you a car less than a decade old with a minimum of dings and a five-digit odometer reading.