Friday, May 31, 2019


I'm gonna be honest, I just don't understand the guys on internet gun fora who wring their hands over the wear marks that show up on a gun that gets used. You'll see guys freaking out over everything from the brass smears left on an AR's shell deflector to the finish wear on the chamber hood of a recoil-operated pistol.

It ain't "battle-worn" but it's had the chicken strips rubbed off.
This is what happens to machines when you use them, and they should be at least taken in stride. Frankly, if you are carrying a custom 1911 called the Special Operator Close Quarters Combat Model and show up at gun school and the thing looks like its Extreme Conditions Finish™ has never been exposed to any conditions more extreme than the ones on the top shelf of your gun safe, you look a little goofy. You might as well still have the price tag hanging off the trigger, there, Minnie Pearl.

The other extreme, though is this fad for "battle-worn" finishes. Dude, that thing doesn't look "battle-worn", it looks like you rubbed the slide with sandpaper.