Saturday, August 24, 2019

Overheard at the Gun Show...

I was trying to explain to a younger friend today what a weird scene the Applied Violence Community (for lack of a better umbrella term to encompass armed and unarmed combatives) was from 1990-2000.
"The US military had seen barely two weeks, total, of ground combat since 1973. MMA hadn't really taken off yet. You didn't carry the internet around in your pocket so you could fact check bullshit claims.

You think stolen valor, PX heroes, fabricated tough guy backgrounds, and bullshit kung fu woo-woo run rampant today? It's nothing compared to back then.

This is a thing I don't get. I'm not any kinda badass; I'm just a writer who goes out to learn stuff and then report back what I learned. I don't understand the whole wannabe-sensei thing.