Thursday, December 07, 2023

Automotif CDL...

That Bonus Built Ford F-1 was in the Meijer parking lot the other morning, now sporting a front license plate that indicated I guessed right last September and it is indeed a 1950 model.

If the V8 decal in the window isn't fibbing and if it still has the stock motor, there's an 8RT 239 cubic inch Flathead Ford under the hood, putting out 100 SAE gross horsepower.

The Bonus Built trucks were the very first of Ford's F-series truck line that is still in production today and a perennial best-seller.

The 100 horsepower rating on a 3.8L V-8 seems ridiculously low to modern eyes, and was even low by the standards of the '70s-'80s Malaise Era, but remember that it only had a single 2-barrel carburetor flowing about 150cfm, a 6.8:1 compression ratio, and a fairly conservative redline.