Sunday, December 03, 2023

Overheard in Front of the Television...

Watching Batman on MeTV last night... the episode from the second season with Otto Preminger* as Mr. Freeze ...I mused aloud:
"When I was a kid, if you’d asked me “Who’s freakier, Colonel Hogan or Bruce Wayne?”, I’d have been all “Oh, Bruce Wayne for sure. I mean, he runs around with a teenager in tights and booty shorts” which just goes to show that you never can tell."

*Three different actors played Mr. Freeze in the TV series. George Sanders played the role in the first season, but was unavailable in the second, so Otto Preminger got the part. According to Wikipedia, "Due to tensions and difficulties on set in Preminger's two-part storyline, Eli Wallach replaced Preminger in the role of Mr. Freeze for the final two-part storyline of season 2." That sounds like an interesting story, which I'm fixing to look into. Preminger was a controversial dude, but his Mr. Freeze is the most memorable of the trio, and probably why heavily-accented Schwarzenegger got the part in the execrable Schumacher flop, Batman & Robin.