Wednesday, July 03, 2024

Automotif DXVIII...

Here's the opposite end of the C3 era from yesterday's '69 Stingray: A '78-'79 Corvette in Black.

This was peak Malaise Era 'Vette. The base 350 only made 195 SAE net horsepower and the optional L82 only put out 225. They couldn't even come up with a cool name for the color; it's just "Black".

GM had been noodling around with all kinds of ideas for the next generation of Corvette through the latter half of the Seventies, various wild ideas with mid-engine layouts and 4-rotor Wankels were floated, but between gas crunches and inflation, GM just didn't want to spend the coin. The C3 limped along for a total of fourteen years before being replaced.