Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cheap advertising? Customers? Who wants that stuff?

Bitter is covering the coverage, as it were. She's doing up a series of analyses on how well (or poorly) the shooting industry is utilizing the new media at SHOT, the biggest trade show in the business. First up: Ruger.


Bitter said...

Cheap advertising? Customers? Who wants that stuff?

Based on my experience so far, not nearly as many companies as you might assume. :)

Most of the topics will be technology themed instead of company themed. Next up for this afternoon: Website Fail! As I click around this morning, I'm finding enough that it may become a daily feature during SHOT.

Tam said...

Shootin' Buddy has a theory that people get into the gun biz so they can say "No".

"I'd like to buy this gun..." "No."

"Can you fix this..." "No."

"Will you make..." "No."

"I'd like to give you money." "No."

If the Consumer Electronics industry were this averse to acting like a business interested in making money, we'd still be listening to 8 Tracks while our Pong machines were in the shop for a recall...