Sunday, January 18, 2009


Awesome pictures of lenticular clouds forming over Mt. Rainier.

(H/T to Phil at Random Nuclear Strikes, who got old on Friday. Go wish him Happy B-day!)


BobG said...

In a couple of shots, the clouds look like a mother ship from a sci-fi movie hovering in the sky.

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Adrian K said...


I can see Rainier from my backporch, at least when it's not so damn foggy I can't see across the backyard.

The awesome weather that makes those clouds usually creates inversions that make our soggy little village look like something out of a smoky-foggy Sherlock Holmes serial.

Crucis said...

You sure the Mothership from Close Encounters isn't making a comeback?

Matt G said...

I've been on the shoulders of Ranier, in the snows of July. There is nothing about the mount that is not spectacular. It is everything that a mountain should be. It takes ones breath away as you approach it. It is not too pointy, like Hood. It is not too blunt like Baldy. It is not too remote, like Everest. It is one of the best features on this interesting little continent of ours. And now it makes weather all its own. Well that's about right, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

. . . and like any good active volcano, it kills people on a fairly regular basis. Not by actually spewing fire of course, but by being one of the most geologically diverse mountains on the planet that it attracts climbers from all over who want to get "experience" (that thing you get when you didn't get what you actually wanted).

Rest assured though - when it finally does decide to revert to it's natural state of affairs, it will kill more people than the last three major wars combined. Just pray the wind isn't blowing *your* direction when it happens.

signed: *not* living in the shadow of the mountain

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