Friday, January 23, 2009

News Flash:

Australian idiot is willing to pay $3.8 million for bad sex. This must be the only sport where rookies can demand higher salaries than proven all-stars.

I don't even know where to begin on this. Except that when I saw the headline "What is virginity worth today?", my first thought was "Well, that would depend on where you're selling the virgins. You'd probably get better money in Tirane or Algiers than Mogadishu, f'rinstance..."


Jim said...

And from the same CNN story:

"Attitudes shifted toward the conservative side in the 1980s with the worldwide HIV/AIDS pandemic."

As opposed to a pandemic limited to, say, Kokomo, Indiana.

pdb said...

I usually don't have much in common with those people, but I would have loved it if some "Wait Till Marriage" or other Catholic chastity group had passed around the hat and won the auction, to hold her maidenhead in escrow until she got hitched.

Tam said...

I LOL'ed. :D

atlharp said...


The girl is 22,and a legal adult. If she wants to make herself a prostitute then so be it. My only hope is that the Australian gets his money's worth! ;-)

OA said...

" This must be the only sport where rookies can demand higher salaries than proven all-stars."

I don't know about that...don't benchrest guys get a new barrel after shooting an old one loose?

staghounds said...

Yeah, right. Let's see the money.

But with some careful planning to avoid tax problems and conservative investment, $3.8 million is never working a single day and living on about a $100,000 annual take home equivalent for the rest of her life.

Prostitution grosses me out, but I'd change my outlook for a deal like that.

Anonymous said...

Churchill anecdote:

Sir Winston: Madam, would you sleep with me for a million pounds?

Lady Astor: Why yes, Sir Winston, I suppose I would.

Sir Winston: Well then, would you sleep with me for ten pounds?

Lady Astor: Sir Winston! What do you think I am?!?!

Sir Winston: We've already established what you are, madam. Now we're simply negotiating a price.

phlegmfatale said...

pdb needed to put a bev alert on that comment.

It's funny how an article about prostitution mentions "purity" as a major selling point. *ahem*

Um, okay.

OA said...


The comments here and elsewhere indicate there's still the massive social stigma against prostitution, which raises questions; why is being a whore (correct usage) worse than being a slut? Is she morally inferior to a woman that's had a dozen partners? Is she smarter than the sluts for recognizing that at the end of the day it's a commodity? Why is there the socially stigma against whores when being a slut is encouraged and promoted by virtually all quarters as part of "empowerment"?

From a distance, the whole debate has the fetid stench of hypocrisy and double standards.

Oh well...interesting times, at any rate.

Seeks said...

I think they're both pretty worthless, to be honest.

What it really comes down to, though, is volume. A whore sees a slut's annual workload in like, two days. Unless aforementioned slut is REALLY slutty, then maybe a week.

And "empowerment" is about controlling other people. If he's giving you money for what he wants, you hold no sway over him, whereas if you're making a guy jump through hoops to get laid, you're calling all the shots.

Tam said...


"Why is there the socially stigma against whores when being a slut is encouraged and promoted by virtually all quarters as part of "empowerment"?"

I think you fired off that pre-canned speech without actually reading much. (Or reading too much into what you did read...)

I think anyone, male or female, has the right to have sex with as many or as few consenting adults as possible, for free, or for pay and at the end of the day, it's none of my goddam business.

I also think anyone who pays $3.8 million to make the beast with two backs with anyone is dumb as ditchwater.


OA said...


Yup...the ones you conveniently didn't answer in my "pre-canned speech".

Yes, I did indeed read. I also think consenting adults should be allowed to do what they damn well please. No need to feel like you were personally attacked, as my comments were clearly geared towards society and its views as a whole. In other words, I was trying to stir debate rather than be a sycophant. Is that still okay here?

Matt G said...

If she gets the money, it might be argued that she has devoloped the most compelling reason for a girl to "save herself" that has yet been seen.

Mothers and fathers might well say to their daughters: "Now you remember never to go past 2nd base with a boy. You still have to pay for college!"

Tam said...

"Is that still okay here?"

Damn skippy it is. :D

(This ain't your first rodeo. Surely you aren't shocked when I get all snippy?)

mts said...

That is the worst impulse buy of the century. I'm sure with a week of work, and casting a wider net, he could've gotten what he wanted for a few less zeroes, if a virgin was his goal. I don't think he paid the money for a virgin. He paid it to be a star f***er. And well known people selling the kitty to the highest bidder are rare, as in Only One. Supply and demand.

OA said...

"This ain't your first rodeo."

What I do with a hog, bucket of crisco, and some elf cookies is my own affair.

Anonymous said...

I'm reminded of what Royal Marines combat instructors say to all their charges just before their final qualifying exercises.

"Bet your mum's proud."

kbarrett said...

OA: Way too much information there ...