Saturday, January 10, 2009

More when I've settled down...

Show was an absolute zoo.

Indy gun shows are awesome. I stopped and chatted with Ken Campbell, Frank W. James, and Steve Fisher.

Gotta offload mags and ammo. More later.


Anonymous said...

Sorry we missed you. Zoo is hardly the word. Imagine what it will be like in good weather!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope you got some PMags. The things are amazing. I bought out the local shop just to be on the safe side comes Grandfathering day.

alath said...

'Zoo' does not begin to describe it.

It would have been nice to have just a wee bit of space to negotiate the aisles between the tables. I was having Das Boot flashbacks in there.

EBR panic buying seems to be in full swing. The going price for a plain vanilla AR is $1100 or so. Basic stamped AKs all $8-900.

Out of four things on my shopping list - stock kit for my AR build, lower parts kit, box of 1,000 small pistol primers, nice holographic sight - I scored on only one (the first).

Apparently a lot of people think Obama's going to ban Winchester Small Pistol Primers, 'cause they were not to be seen. Eotechs were going for about $50 more than the usual online price.

I am having a hard time adjusting my mental picture of reasonable prices of things to match the new reality out there. In my head, a box of 1000 primers costs about $15 ($12 is a good deal). A well-worn cop trade in SIG P226 is supposed to cost about $350-400.

Anonymous said...

You got to meet Sheriff Ken! Us gunnies are pretty crazy about him up here in Boone County. He's a great guy, and promotes a great deal of citizen training and marksmanship. I hope to be able to afford some of it this year, or the next...

wv: 'loutguat' - a boorish Mesoamerican?