Monday, September 14, 2009

Mr. and Mrs. Smith go to Washington.

So I see that the storming of the Bastille went down peacefully over the weekend. The incredibly self-absorbed Barry O. has apparently said "l'etat, c'est moi," and continued prattling about socialized medicine, but others surely took note.

The earliest CNN pieces I read made noises about "tens of thousands" of protesters. Which is funny as all get-out, because anybody who looks at those pictures realizes that if that's "tens of thousands", then Louis Farrakhan had a Fifty Man March.

The best comment from the weekend was when the Mouth of Sauron... er, the White House spokesdrone made a statement indicating that he knew nothing of the march beforehand and that he didn't know "which group" this was. Nothing else better betrays the difference in mindset between Them and Me. To them it's all about The Group. This must have been some "Group", with newsletters and dues and party cards and marching orders and leaders; spontaneous organization outside the structure of some hierarchy is completely foreign to herd animals like that.


Nathan said...

I'm waiting for Michelle to say, "Let them eat cake", personally.

Anonymous said...

If that was a surprise then November 2010 is going to positively flummox them.


Jay G said...

We can only hope. My oldest and dearest friend took time out of his busy life to fly down to DC for the weekend and attend the rally.

He was also kind enough to take a bunch of pictures and send them to me for posting - I've put a whole series up over the weekend - and one of the posts has a picture of the crowd in front of the Capitol.

"Tens of thousands" of people indeed...

Every picture tells a story, don't it?

T.Stahl said...

Where are the (allegedly) 47,000,000 Americans who suffer from not having a health insurance?

Uh, hello? Nobody there? Hmm. If health insurance is a human right, it doesn't seem to be one worth demonstrating for.

Not to get robbed for the 'rights' of others, to be left alone, to keep the right to choose, well, THAT's something else...

Ken said...

If Gibbs is Mouth of Sauron, we'll demote Markadelphia to Grima son of Galmod.

Joanna said...

We packed the mall from the Capitol to the Washington Monument and beyond, plus the side streets ... that's more than a mile in one direction, and a good half mile in two others. I've got picks that back up the 1.5 million estimates.

Tam said...

Post 'em up on your blog so's I can send the linky-love!

crankylitprof said...

If Gibbs is Mouth of Sauron, we'll demote Markadelphia to Grima son of Galmod.

Can we all agree that San Fran Nan is the sphincter of Sauron? Her face is puckery enough...

LL said...

* It was CLEARLY a staged event with somewhere around a thousand people marching in a circle to make it appear as if there were "tens of thousands".
* The attempt to make the machine-generated signs look homemade was a dead give-away. Astroturf at its finest.
* The mainstream media didn't have reporters working the demonstrators for comments. How can I take anything seriously when it's not on MSNBC?
* Everyone there, every single person who showed up looked to me to be a domestic terrorist, and the black people who marched were traitors to their race.
* The people who marched were too well dressed and appeared to have bathed and groomed themselves. Who can take them seriously?
* There may have been some unpaid crackpots in their midst, but most seemed to me to have been paid to be there by the insurance industry.
* The counter-rally in Atlanta or somewhere with between fifty and a hundred people shown on CNN wearing Obama t-shirts, Obama hats and carrying Obama signs were a lot more credible. I'm glad CNN gave them equal airtime.
* The brutish David Axelrod thought it was a B. S. demonstration because they didn't have a leader. How can I disagree with Dear Leader's apple polisher?
* It wasn't important enough for Dear Leader to be present in Washington DC to witness - he flew off to deal with REAL citizens in search of hope, not the thousand-man-march of rabble.

Soon the mainstream media will begin each news broadcast with the new slogans of the ObamaNation:


John Stephens said...

"If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle."

We are learning. They are forgetting. That is our advantage.

Gun Shy Tourist said...


You are truly the "snarkenatress" (fem for snarkenator)

Uncle Jimbo over at Black Five had an on the ground report that was very interesting. Watch the video here:

Joe in Reno said...

Actually there was a news report I read somwhere that Obummer had run away to Minnesota(Michigan?) for the weekend and missed all the fun. I guess it will be a case of "palusible deniability".

Didn't see it, didn't hear it = doesn't exist!

Gun Shy Tourist said...

A couple of young bloggers have a nice presentation of the facts and all of the videos here:

mopar said...

Some of my pics are here:

And yes, Barry ran away, but there was already a sizable crowd when Marine One with him in it flew over on the way out of town. He won't admit it, but he knows. And it SHOULD worry him but he's such an arrogant prick I'm sure he's not.