Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Quote of the Day: Illegaler edition.

...a man with a gun and restraining order against him (illegal) violated that order (illegal) and shot his family (also, illegal). Why, if only one more law could make it a bit more illegal, then it would never happen. -Unc.
Y'know, magic all the guns away and folks will beat each other to death with hammers.


Anonymous said...

A factoid which emerged during the runup to the AW Ban was that in New York state in 1993, three homicides involved assault weapons. Some 2,500 were done via fists, feet, knives and clubs. For other firearms, if NY were pro rata by population for nationwide firearms homicides, non-AW firearms were used in less than 1,000 killings.

A waiting period for "combat" boots?


Anonymous said...

more fodder for the idiots to make another dumb law. to add to more dumd laws that are already on the books because we the peaple have not taken the time to get rid of the darn things that don't make any sence.

falnfenix said...

His train of thought is so dizzying I continually need to stop reading what he vomits out. It pains me to think there are people THIS stupid in the nation.

Every time I am directed to one of his posts, I wonder just how far away we are from Idiocracy becoming reality.

Steve Skubinna said...

Remember when Bush 43 was excoriated because he vetoed a "Hate Crimes" law in Texas, which made him personally responsible for the murder of Matthew Shepard? Because a capital crme, for which two of the three killers got the death sentence, just doesn't scare criminals the way mandatory sensitiviely counseling and celebrity ads denouncing "hate" would.

Or for that matter, idiot RINO Pataki crowing that the hate crimes law he signed in New York could have prevented the Holocaust? Yeah, because that Hitler was scared shitless at the idea of being accused of hatin'.