Monday, September 28, 2009

Things I Want That Make No Sense:

1) A new-generation video game system.

I have video game consoles ranging from an Intellivision to a Game Cube and I barely use any of them. Like I'm actually going to do anything with a Wii or X-Box 720, or whatever they're up to now. But they sure look cool.

2) A double rifle.

I need a .470 Nitro Express double rifle like I need a hole in my head. But suppose a lion gets out of the zoo? Or Aliens teleport me into the middle of an African safari?

3) An iPhone.

Reflexive gadget lust makes me want an iPhone. But then I remember that I frickin' hate mobile phones. The very sound of a phone ringing is enough to set off Tamara Tourette's, and now they expect you to carry one with you all the time so you can be annoyed anywhere. Is it true that the iPod Touch will do everything an iPhone will except ring?


Lorimor said...

iTouch devices will do everything that an iPhone will do except make calls. There's an app that will make them ring when you want them to.

Marko said...

The newest iPod touch has a microphone built into the earbud volume control. You can put Skype on it, and actually make VoIP calls over Wi-Fi, if you're so inclined.

Warning: owning an iPod touch will get you hooked. There are so many apps for it, it's like a netbook that fits in your pocket. Full web browser, built-in WiFi, email, YouTube, eBooks, movies...oh, and it plays all your music, too.

The only thing the iPhone does that the iPod touch can't: make calls, and take pictures. (It doesn't have a built-in camera.) Other than that, it's like owning an iPhone, only without the monthly bills and annoying "people calling you" feature.

Anonymous said...

The greatest thing about living in a rich, technologically advanced society is that we usually have (or, at least, can save up fairly quickly) the money for things we WANT because we don't have to spend every waking moment working desperately to provide for the things we NEED.

How much stuff do we all have that we don't need, as in, we could survive without them as our ancestors did?

I LOVE our consumer society!

And I share your strange desire for a double rifle. It is among the many, many firearms that I want but either can't afford or would have trouble with the gubmint if I possessed them (honestly, I only want the 90mm recoiless rifle for display... or in case the zombies have armor support).

So, I say that you should scratch that double rifle itch as soon as possible because you should enjoy the fruits of your labor in whatever (legal) ways you see fit, and because you never know if elephants and rhinos will also become zombies.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

I need a .470 Nitro Express double rifle like I need a hole in my head. But suppose a lion gets out of the zoo? Or Aliens teleport me into the middle of an African safari?

AND what if a graboid busts into your red-room?

Popgun said...

Get the iPhone. It is a totally different experience than other phones.


Steve - The Firearm Blog said...

Iphone is a next-gen game system!

I also *need* a double rifle and an iPhone.

.375 H&H or .416 Rigby would be my choice.

Matt G said...

I'm actually fairly impressed with my daughters' Wii, especially the Fit. It's challenging, and fun. This from a guy who hasn't picked up a video game controller since 1992, on a NES.

Matt G said...

Oh, and you NEVER have to justify your lust for a big bore.

og said...

"2) A double rifle."

watch this space

Caleb said...


Seriously though, and I mean this in all sincerity, the iPhone changed my life. Marko's right, it's like a tiny netbook - the only thing I use my Eee for any more is when I'm traveling or have to put up long posts on the road.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I share your desires. I'd love to get an xbox 360. And I've been after a double rifle for years. Almost got one in .303 but it would have meant not paying the rent on time. I should have went for it.

I'm typing this comment on my iPhone. I usually enjoy your blog from it while riding around at work. And the Kindle ap is awesome!

Sevesteen said...

The other useful feature of the Iphone over the touch is Internet when you are out of range of Wifi.

I have a Touch and love it, even though I rarely use it for music. I would like an iPhone, but I'm not willing to commit to the $1200 or so extra it would cost me over the next 2 years.

Leatherwing said...

Also, the ipod touch does not have GPS. I have a touch and love it. In my area, AT&T is unreliable, and they are still the only carrier for iphones.

Anonymous said...


Unless you are capable of treating an iPhone as if it were made of 2000 year old Chinese porcelain, DO NOT get one. I have had 3 in a year. They are far more delicate than any other electronic gizmo ever created and no company offers insurance for them. Thus, if they break/get damp/have a bad hair day, you're generally looking at $250 to replace.

Your mileage may vary. Just my experience.


cj said...

iPod Touches are very handy. I've become addicted to Podcasts ever since learning that I could download them directly without even having to use a computer.

The real trick is to visit Apple's site and find their store...then find the "Refurbished iPod touch" near the bottom of the lefthand navigator bar. They're even cheaper to buy from there, and although they're supposedly refurbished, every one I've heard about has looked brand new, and comes with the same warranty as a brand new one. Oh, and mine showed up (shipped from China) in two days with their free shipping.

Oh, and Wii's are cheaper now.

And are you SURE you don't really need a double rifle? Seems like a couple of good scenarios there!

Matt G said...

Johnathon's experience is different than everyone else I know. I know a recidivist phone murderer who claims that his iPhone is by far the toughest phone he's had.
Still, a quality "skin"-type case is worth getting.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I drop my iPhone constantly. Left it laying in a parking lot in the rain for three or four hours while on a date. No problems. I do keep it in a skin case, but it's just a cheap case-mate.

Ian Argent said...

as noted above, ipod doesn't have wireless WAN. desirability of this is up to you. I can't speak as to the specifics of the iphone as a WWAN platform, I am a windows mobile on cdma user myself (where great strides have been made since the release of the jesus phone) but anywhere you have phone service having internet service is pretty cool.

falnfenix said...

i second Caleb's comment re: iPhone. i was going to get an Eee until i received an iPod Touch as a Christmas gift. best. gadget. ever.

also...i'm not a gamer, but i have a Wii and enjoy it. the Wii was built for nongamers...and you can download quite a few old games once you put the Wii online. it's also hackable for a variety of uses, including a viewing station (and if you haven't yet discovered the wonders of Hulu...well...enjoy).

Adrian K said...

Oh yes. Itouch is good. The only time I've wished I had an Iphone was when I was traveling long distance via motorcycle.

WiFi is much harder to find than 2G/3G data connections on the NorthWest's between-city Interstates.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

"AND what if a graboid busts into your red-room?"

REC-Room, Rec-Room!

Dr. StrangeGun said...

$10 a month turned my Xbox 360 into a high-definition, surfable Netflix terminal with NO VIEWING LIMITS.

Between that and DVDs, that's all it does anymore.

Scot J said...

Graboid, heck what about a Gargoyle? (page 211, Monster Hunter International 2007 edition)

Joseph said...

Think of the iPhone as a pocket computer that happens to make phone calls. It's a truly lousy phone at that, but a wonderful pocket comptuer.

DC said...

What Marko said about the Touch is absolutely true. I'm glad I waited until the 3G was out, the capacity went up and the price way down from Amazon. Best. Gadget. Ever.

Highly addictive, though; I find myself reading a LOT of books with it, and I hadn't really imagined something that small would be comfortable to read (it is). Not packing around pounds of paperbacks makes it a purchase worth pursuing....

theirritablearchitect said...

In reverse order:

3)An iPhone. An iTouch? Whazzit?

Seriously. I just don't understand.

I don't like even the idea of cell phones. Didn't own one 'til about 18 months ago, myself.

Seriously, what the fuck are all you people doing, incessantly talking on that damned thing at 7:30 AM on the highway? To whom? About what? WTF?

2)A double, eh? Don't feel bad. I'd love to have one too, but make mine an over/under in 9.3x74R, and I don't even have any desire to safari in Africa. Love to have an English 4-bore as a wall-hanger too. Don't ask why.

1)About the only thing I care to play on any viddie system is Gran Turismo no my PS2...and I'm OK with that. I love taking hot laps of the Nordschleife on der 'Ring. I think that makes me old, or something.

Oleg Volk said...

Get a double rifle in .22 LR -- at least it would be affordable to feed and about right for the charging squirrels.

LabRat said...

As others have noticed, the Wii is designed to be accessible to nongamers. I've heard it's great fun, mostly from nongamers, though my gamer tattoo artist likes his, too. (His X-box gets a lot more play, though.)

The 360 is what the lifelong gamers seem to like best. We love ours... when we're not playing Warcraft.

The PS3 is for people who absolutely, positively, need to play the chained-to-Sony developed titles. Otherwise it's a very expensive dustcatcher, for the most part.

LabRat said...

...You also might try picking up a Nintendo DS. It's cheaper than a console, fun, and has a ton of good titles.

Anonymous said...

Well, double rifles are cool. I had a passing interest in an iPhone, but then I realize it's price is a 1% down payment on a nice double. -- Lyle

Tam said...

"......You also might try picking up a Nintendo DS. It's cheaper than a console, fun, and has a ton of good titles."

Bought one the minute I saw a used copy of Star Trek: Tactical Assault. :D

Kristopher said...

You obviously need one of each, Tam.

Add a 4-bore to the list as well.

Anonymous said...

I'd get an iPhone for the mapping, playing Worms, and for use as a scan tool for my car. (There is an app for that, too!)

I'd get a PS3 for running Folding@Home.

Otherwise I'm content with my PC.


Sigivald said...

Anonymous: Buy it from Best Buy and they'll insure it for $15 a month.

Not exactly cheap, but a lot cheaper than buying a new one.

Tam: I heartily endorse the iPhone. If you don't like ringing, well, turn it off, or get a ring tone that's just silence (if you want sound for the UI, but no ringing).

It's not perfect, but it's the least infuriating phone I've ever had, and a fine portable computer/PDA/game device as well.

Assrot said...

I'm with you on the double rifle. I think the .470 Nitro Express is a tad light on stopping power. I'd dream big and go for a .700 Nitro Express.

I'll stick with my old dinosaur computers and just play Doom or Quake.

I have no use for iPods or even a cell phone for that matter. There is nothing I'd love to do better than ram this Blackberry I have up my boss's ass.

My $0.02



charles said...

If you would like to try a Wii for a bit, I don't think we live all that far away, and ours doesn't get much use right now, so you could probably borrow it.

If we have games you want to play, we can loan them as well, but anything else you'd have to rent from a store.

I might ask you for some reloading advice in exchange once Chunsun and I find a new place and settle in a few months from now. Already have most of the equipment, just haven't had the time or onclination to get started again.

charles said...

onclination --> inclination

Anonymous said...

Drilling Rifle/Shotgum combos have a wierd appeal to me, I have no idea when I'd use them but they are lovely. Linhof cameras have the same appeal, either the AeroTechnika or the 4x5 Technika, fine machines and fine optics!
On a tech/geek side, I want my blind eye replaced with an artifical eye that can zoom and see into the infrared.


Justin said...

PS3=Blu-Ray player that for the same price as others, coincidentally plays games as well.

Iphones...If you plan on talking on the phone any length of time, they suck. Correction, ATT sucks. If you find yourself needing mobile internet/email/portable game system, they are outstanding. I use mine more for the mobile internet more than anything else.

HTRN said...

An Iphone? Meh.
A Wii? Maybe.
A double rifle? Why do you think I have a spare change jar? I want a Searcy Field Grade(with ejectors of course!) so bad I can taste it, but at the rate I'm going, I'll be in a nursing home before I have enough for the 12K price tag.


Mike said...

I've been going through the iPod/iPhone debate for a month or two, also. Since I'm nearly always either at home or at work, I have computers and internet there, so can't justify the additional $30 a month for the data plan for the iPhone, but an iTouch is a super handy pocket-PC (mac).

I've always wished there was an affordable double-rifle in .30-30. I nearly bought a Merkel about 10 years ago when they were $3500... now they're $7000+ :(

Ian Argent said...

I've owned a certain number of PDA phones throughout the years, and been given a few more to use by my employer. Rule #1 of using a PDA as a phone - get a headset. Wired or wireless, it doesn't matter. Talking to thin air much easier on you than holding the brick.

Anonymous said...

I recently picked up an Ipod Touch and I am irredeemably hooked.
Differences between it and the Iphone are : No phone, No gps, No camera. I'd like a camera and GPS, but not enough to pay AT&T over $100 a month. The 8gb version (my choice) available now for under $200 at Amazon also lacks the in-line recorder on the headphones.

Add $15-$20 or so for a good case, and a little less than that to spend on applications for it, and you will have an absolute marvel of personal tech. One necessity, though, is a Wi-fi network to which both your main computer and your Ipod can connect, as this is the means many programs use to transfer personal content between the two devices.

Some stuff on mine currently:
-About 20 hours of audiobooks and lectures.
-A couple of albums, including the Blade Runner soundtrack among others.
-34 books, mostly from Gutenberg. Transferred to the Ipod and comfortably read using the free app "Stanza."
-A simple, effective task manager, "Things."
-Several Word Documents. Journal, plans for the secret arctic lair, etc. which I can read, edit, and sync with my laptop using "Documents to Go."
-A collection of articles from the web, downloaded and converted to an easy reading all-text format with "Instapaper."
-Wikipedia articles saved for offline reference anywhere with "Wikipanion Plus."

And this stuff is obviously only what I want the Ipod to do, not all it can do. I promoted the Ipod to the top of my shopping list over an Eotech for my AR or a Ruger LCP, and I'm actually glad I did.

ibex said...

This has probably said a few dozen times already, but I'm gonna chime in anyway:

The iPod Touch does not have a camera, a GPS receiver, a built-in microphone (but comes with a headset that has one) and obviously doesn't call anyone. Except with Skype.

I just recently bought an iPod Touch and am very happy with it. The iPhone features just aren't worth the extra money to me. It's not just the purchase, but also the phone bill. As soon as you have the ability to do so, you will go on the Internet whereever you are. Sure, there are flatrates, but considering that my cell phone bill is currently less than five bucks per month, I'd pay a lot more either way.

John B said...

I never felt the need for a double rifle. I do enjoy the savage 22lr/410 O/U. My dad's 12 Gauge coach gun has de-escalated enough scenarios to earn it's keep. I hope Dad were joking regarding his desire for 50 "Rock Salt" Shells.......

ErnestThing said...

If you use netflix for movies, xbox 360 has an app that lets you browse and watch netflix selections instantly on your teevee. There are more than a few brainy games, and Call of Duty World at War will have you FPSing with WW2 rifles (fun).

Plus they just lowered the price :)