Monday, September 20, 2010

It's because he seems familiar.

The Irritable Architect links to an article on how Barry's poll numbers are still teh awesome in Europe.

Of course they are.

In Europe, people are generally inured to the idea of a self-replenishing political class who go to the Right Schools, hang out with the Right Crowd, say the Right Things, and go on to descend the ladder of the cursus dishonorum, from intern to aide to secretary to provincial apparatchik to Minister of Defense, before finally moving on to something really important, like Secretary of Children's Welfare or Assistant Ambassador to the United Nations Development Fund for Women. Barry fits right into that mold, having made government a career and never having soiled his hands with the sort of filthy lucre that results from an honest day's work.

While we here in America are gradually moving towards a similar technocratic political class, we still have enough dark horse Captains of Industry, ex-jocks, war heroes, and entertainment celebs getting elected to keep the American myth of the Self-Made Man in politics... well, if not "alive and well", then at least still on life support.


bluesun said...

Unfortunately for Oby, those polls don't matter!

jimbob86 said...

It doesn't matter 3 farts in an F-5 tornado what Europe thinks now: in 50 years, it'll be a Caliphate, unless there is a serious effort at babymaking on the part of european europeans.... not likely: having and raising children (as in more than 1 child raised by others, mostly) is messy, labor and resource intensive, and expensive. Very un-european.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Or Self-Made Woman.

Alan J. said...

Of course they'd be happy with Obama, after all he's a socialist after their own heart. European history is an endless succession of tyrants interrupted by a few brief periods of democracy and freedom. Right now they're in the process of avoiding the expense of having children and trading their freedoms away for the illusion of comfort and security. I expect that within 30 years we'll see them fall from socialism and be returned to tyranny, only this time it will be the tyranny of Sharia. I wonder how long they'll live in the Dark Ages before the next Renaissance? If you think I'm being too alarmist or cynical, just look at pre-2002 Afghanistan for a preview of Europe's future. In the long run it all comes down to demographics and how many rough men you can muster to hold back the darkness and defend the light of freedom. And right now, Europe is on the downward trend of those demographics.

Anonymous said...

It's actually understandable. When we hear of a European country electing a more capitalistic leader, it makes us happy because we think they may be more like us. When we elect a more socialistic leader, it makes them happy because they think we are more like them.

Anonymous said...

Sort of like the EU, uniform socialistic standards.

If America is free, then European money has a place to flee to.

If America is more socialistic, then European money is frozen in place.

Europeans continually seek validation for their choices, from silly games, soccer, to politics, socialism. Obama makes them feel better about themselves.

Shootin' Buddy

Anonymous said...

My question would be does BHO poll equally with folks who identify themselves as Europeans as he does with people who identify themselves as Germans, or Brits or French.

He does portray himself as a world citizen more than he does being from the USA. That is starting to bite him in the ass here.


theirritablearchitect said...

Like the book sez, it's The Post-American Presidency.

How are we liking that Crap Sandwich?

Au├čenseiter said...

I wouldn't say it's because of us being 'inured' to anything. More like, people hardly pay attention to what he does, his domestic policies and lack of competence affect us only slightly, etc.

Also, he makes a good first impression, doesn't he?

That 'right school', 'right crowd' thing is a French and British concept. Germany doesn't have an analogue, afaik, and it's definitely not the truth in central Europe or Scandinavia and further east.

Chief point is, most people are morons, so there you go. Doesn't matter which country or city*, they are stupid. However, it's good that at least Americans are waking up knowing they've been had.
Now, if only the religious right figured out how they've been used...

*exceptions like Los Alamos do exist, but..

Anonymous said...


That whole hereditary political/media/pundit class thing isn't just for Europeans any more, it's been here for a long time...just becoming more obvious. For starters, see the Kennedys. then Clinton, Chelsea, who I'd bet ten bucks against a stale doughnut will run for office at some point....then (to point out the obvious) Bush, George W. and his parents, grandparents, sibling, cousins, nephews, etc. It goes on and on....the Kagan family, Daley per et fils, Irving and William Kristol, and the list goes on. If people don't think America has a hereditary "political class", they haven't been paying attention. I include figures such as the Kristols and the Kagans because they are all part and parcel of the same Washington/NYC political/economic brothel, even though they have widely varying political views. The three things they have in common are 1) their interests, as opposed to yours and mine, whether you're left or right; 2) they all like and prefer things just as they are now and 3) you can bet your last penny that none of THEIR kids will spend any time humping a SAW in Helmand province. Why, that would be throwing away the best and brightest! Ignoring the fact that virtually every major institution run by them and others of their ilk in this here US of A has proved to be incompetent or fraudulent if not downright criminal over the last 30 years. Congress? Yuck yuck...oooh, it hurts to laugh. the Presidency? Take it. Please. Wall Street? Bonuses? They ought to be grateful they're not hanging from lampposts. Corporations? I give you General Motors. Major League Baseball? The CIA? The Catholic Church? The media? "hello, New York Times? Can I speak to Jayson Blair or Judith Miller? You say you fired them for plagiarism and fabricating stories? Gosh, however did that happen?"

"Every time I think I'm getting too cynical, they prove me wrong....again."

Tam said...

Yes, for example, look at the long and distinguished civilian careers Rasmussen, Merkel, and Reinfeldt had before getting into politics!

theirritablearchitect said...

(chortle, snort).

Tam for the win!