Wednesday, September 08, 2010

New post up at the other blog...

More self-loading pistols from the olden days.

(With a great big photo.)


reflectoscope said...

I wonder if there is anything really left to improve on an automatic pistol. I mean, aside from perhaps small gains from improvements to materials and whatever is left to be gained from more-consistent manufacturing, if those areas aren't well into diminishing returns already.


Bubblehead Les. said...

Just picked up one of the Eibar copies of the Baby Browning the other day in .25 Auto. (Okay, laugh, but my older Vet buddy needed the money, and I know it'll be a fun gun only). Yeah, it's pretty well useless, and I know when you pull out a .25, your Kabar was stuck in the last Goblin's Ribs, but Damn, I've seen worse machining and craftsmanship on brand new major name pistols that cost as much as my House payment!