Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Late night bad news.

The phone rang last night at about 2:30 in the AM.

0230 phone calls are never good news, and this one sure wasn't.

Tommy held on about long enough for Bobbi to get there.

It's been a long night.


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Oh dear.

Anonymous said...

Sucks Tam.

John S.

Mike said...

I'm so sorry. You guys will be in my thoughts and prayers

reflectoscope said...

I'm sorry, Tam. Tommy seemed like a good cat, and he couldn't ask for better staff.


Anonymous said...

Tam & Roberta

Deepest condolences.


Keads said...

Sorry to hear this, all my best to you and Roberta.

Borepatch said...

I'm sorry. They share your life, but not for long enough.

wolfwalker said...

Sorry to hear it.

Having pets is great.

Losing them sucks.

George said...

I'm sorry for your loss. What everyone has already said.

George said...

One of the hardest times for pet caring types, Tam. Still ... memories can help the healing for both you and Roberta.

We're glad you're there for her ... and don't we all wish we had such a terrific friend to back us up.


wv=prowarra ... Sounds just a cat.

Joanna said...

My childhood kitty, Puff, died during my last year living at home. She was 19 when she had to be put down. I petted her while she went to sleep. I still get teary when I think about it. My thoughtsare with you guys.

I like to think that the first greeting I get in the afterlife (after the original "Welcome to Heaven") will be a perky "Oh hai ... feedz me?"


Joel said...

Strange how it works sometimes. Cats are the most self-centered of pets, but sometimes when a lifelong friend dies they just lay down and die, too.

A good friend passed away a couple of years ago and his 18YO, perfectly healthy and apparently immortal Himalayan was dead within two months. Sad to lose a pet, but it's part of the price we pay.

Condolences to you and RX.

Tennessee Budd said...

Condolences to you & Bobbi. At least y'all ere there at the end, & he knew it.

Ancient Woodsman said...

Sincere condolences. God Bless you & Bobbi for taking such good care of Tommy & Slinky.

It's been a bad week for old guys...last weekend I had back to back funerals (one Sunday, one Monday) for two old farmer friends. One was 86, the other 90.

There is nothing to fill the giant hole in the soul left by such losses, especially when the beautiful person (or kitty) who had occupied that part is now gone. And it hurts.

I hope you both rest easy with wonderful memories of two very special beings. Thank you both for sharing Tommy & slinky with us.

Comrade E.B. Misfit said...

I'm so sorry for both you and Roberta.

Firehand said...

Damn, and condolences

hazmat said...

My condolences on your and Bobbi's loss. The last two weeks for you two is the most heart-wrenching thing to witness. Your posts on the subject tell a lot of the story that you leave out. But rest assured, it is my belief that they are both still with you, and will always be there when you need them, even though they may not be physically there.

My wife and I have a kitty that's pretty much our Nanny. Tells us when it's time to go to bed, time to get up, when somebody's in the house (both physically and spiritually) and will turn herself into a nursemaid when one or the other of us is in a bad way. When she goes, the hole that will leave will be too much to bear. I cannot imagine our house without Shadow, and it pains me to know what my wife will go through when she does finally go. Though I hope that time is a long way off in the future.

Good luck, and (pick a deity) may they be with you in your time of grief.

John said...

Tam and Bobbi,

We all, two and four-footed, send our love and condolences to your family, for your losses.

Know that the feelings you are experiencing,and others here have commented upon from their own life, are very, very shared.

May the peace of knowing you did your best by them, and that a lot of us don't believe that life awareness of our four-foots just dissolves into nothing, help you thru this painful time.

Best to your household,

John, Martha Anne, and the brown dogs: Cullen [11] and Macha [6].

rickn8or said...

Condolences, Tam.

Hugs for you both.

Scott said...

Sorry to hear about your misfortune.

Endeavour to persevere.

Julie said...

Condolences to both you and Roberta.