Monday, February 22, 2016

Eek! Guns!

Okay, I will open by acknowledging that this dude had an impressive stash by any measure of the term. This isn't one of those cases where they trot out a Mini-14 and a couple BB guns and call it an "arsenal". When your junk-on-the-bunk display includes StG-44s and Bren guns, you've pretty much arrived. Still...
“He seemed very set on the idea he was keeping people safe by looking after these weapons,” he added.

“He certainly didn’t see himself as a danger to others. But by the time we came across him, his life seemed to be deteriorating. Of course the fear was that they could fall into the wrong hands or, given that he had terminal cancer, something might change in his life and he would have access to hundreds of deadly weapons.”
If you watched the linked video, you can't shake the feeling that the people interviewed are talking about the weapons as though they were not only things that were inherently dangerous just sitting there, but that the had some sort of sinister agency, and might decide to hop up and do something bad, all of their own accord. This really is hoplophobia.