Thursday, February 18, 2016

Who down wit' EDC? Yeah, you know me.

Before the word "preps" used as a noun became the gunternet jargon term that annoyed me the most, that title was held by "EDC". (This, of course, invokes the possibility of the horrible compounding of "EDC preps".)

Anyhow, for you people lucky enough to not know, "EDC" stands for "Every Day Carry", and people on various gun fora are forever starting threads where they take pictures of the pocket jewelry they're carrying that day: The current gun from their "carry rotation", the knife du jour, whichever flashlight they're currently carrying...

So, heck, I'll play, too.

Here's today's EDC:

 And this is what I carried yesterday:

 On this date last month:

 And, finally, what I plan to be carrying tomorrow:

I presume that you're carrying a firearm because you may need to use it to protect your life. Do you really want to stake your life on your ability to shoot, with unconscious competence, the gun that matched your shoes that morning?