Thursday, February 18, 2016


So, The Atlantic wants to see some kind of legal action against Bushhamster for making the weapon used in the Sandy Hook shooting:
The complaint alleges that while the weapon is suitable for the military and for law enforcement—where it’s used for combat and limited police purposes—in civilian hands, the high-caliber, rapid-fire rifles are essentially killing machines.
But wait!  Isn't this article in the same Atlantic that published the piece by Major General Scales (ret) decrying the M4 as an underpowered unreliable weapon that was getting our soldiers killed in the streets because Hamburger Hill and Black Hawk Down?
The military must change the caliber and cartridge of the guns it gives infantry soldiers. Stoner’s little 5.56-mm cartridge was ideal for softening the recoil of World War II infantry calibers in order to allow fully automatic fire. But today’s cartridge is simply too small for modern combat.
I guess the Stoner weapons system only reaches its full automated death-spraying-made-easy capability when wielded by untrained civilians. The Army should look into this.