Monday, February 29, 2016

The Future.

So, I brought a laptop back from New Hamster. It's actually got more wheaties than my 4-ish year-old desktop, and so I'm pressing it into service as a temporary desktop replacement.

This meant having to move the contents of my docs folders to the new machine, which was going to require a device with more capacity than I had on hand. So I go to Amazon and order a 128GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive. Huh. Same day delivery available. I mention it to Bobbi and she asks me to order one for her, too.

A couple hours later, there's a thump on the front porch, caused by the impact of a box containing probably more storage space than every computer I owned before 2010 combined, delivered to my doorstep in hours on a Saturday for less than the price of dinner & drinks for two at a middlin' fair restaurant.

(And for an idea of the impact of technology, it took nearly five hours to suck my pictures folder off the platters on the old computer and about fifteen minutes to spit it onto the SSD on the new one.)