Friday, April 01, 2016

No Blood For Oil!

So, some months back, Andrew Tuohy at Vuurwapen Blog posted that, while he didn't believe the Internet assertion that "zomg FireClean gun lube is Crisco!", IR spectroscopy sure made it look like it was canola oil.

Depressingly predictably, the end result of all the ensuing internet butthurt and hair-pulling is FireClean acting like they've never heard of the Streisand Effect and filing a lawsuit (a nuisance lawsuit, in my layperson's opinion) that basically asserts "Nuh-Uh! FireClean is not either Crisco! It's vegetable oil! Also, the internet is full of poopieheads!"

If you would like to contribute to a defense fund to help Andrew defray his legal fees in this mess, there is a GoFundMe here.