Friday, April 29, 2016

Sorting out the P250, Part II...

So I grabbed a box of that Armscor .380, the P250C, and my Bodyguard .380 and headed to the range, where I also secured the use of the range's Sig Sauer P238 rental gun.

I put three magazines (eighteen rounds) through the Smith & Wesson, and three magazines (twenty-one rounds) through the P238 with no failures to feed. The remaining eleven rounds went through the P250, also without any failures of any type.


Now, this was a different box of the same ammo, which means that, even if it was in the same shipment, it could be a completely different lot number. I have no way of knowing, since the box from the rounds that jammed up the P250 is in a trash can back near Topeka. Was it just a lot that ran a little thick in the rim?

BG380 lower left, P238 lower right, P250C on the center circle, all at seven yards. I fired a box of .380 Blazer Brass through the P250 to function check it. It ran fine.

Incidentally, that box of fifty was fired at a pace that exceeded the range speed limit, roughly half-second splits, since I had the range to myself. The two smaller pistols were fired slow-fire, concentrating hard on sight picture and trigger press. Bigger guns are generally easier to shoot accurately.