Thursday, April 21, 2016

Testing, Testing, One, Two, Three...

So, in regards to an upcoming training class, I'd said up-front that I would be shooting the P250 Compact .380. Running it in a full two-day class would serve as a sort of proof of concept for the gun in my mind.

Then I'm in a Facebook thread where the instructors are chattering and mention is made of the fact that day one of the class will consist almost entirely of shooting 2" circles from distances between three and five yards.

Suddenly I'm thinking "Has my mouth written a check my ass can't cash? I haven't fired the P250 in over a month, after all..." So I grabbed a target and went to the range this morning.

A fifty-round box of .380 gives three full fifteen-round magazines and five rounds left over. The target in the picture above has fifteen rounds fired into the two-inch upper right "B" circle at three yards, fifteen into the lower left "1" circle at five yards, fifteen into the 3"x5" head box at seven yards, and the remaining five into the center circle at fifteen yards.

I had the range to myself, so I might have broken the speed limit some, but I wanted to make sure I could hit with the gat this weekend. As long as I remember that it seems to shoot to the top of the front sight post for me, I should be fine....