Saturday, April 02, 2016


I took the Canik TP9v2 to Indy Arms Co. on Friday morning and purchased two hundred rounds of Fiocchi 115gr FMJ and rented a place to stand.

After putting 186 rounds through the lower A-zone at seven yards, I ran the target out to ten yards and fired the last four rounds of the test at the upper A-zone.

There were no malfunctions of any kind to report.

The Canik TP9v2 has now fired 2000 rounds without cleaning or lubing and experienced nine failures to eject and nine failures to feed in the initial fifty, as well as one failure to fire (#221), one failure to lock the slide back (#350), four more failures to eject (#323, #379, #997, #1220), and two more failures to feed (#1312, #1325).

Look for a detailed wrap-up post this weekend, and then it's on to the Steyr C9-A1...

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