Sunday, June 03, 2018

Fun Show Time!

It's Fun Show weekend here in Indianapolis, and I'm headed there with Shootin' Buddy in a few. Let's sing the Fun Show Song!
Flintlocks and Flop-tops
And Number Three Russians
Black-powder Mausers
From jackbooted Prussians,
Shiny Smith PC's from limited runs
These are a few of my favorite guns.

Socketed bay'nets
On Zulu War rifles,
Engraved, iv'ried Lugers
That make quite an eyefull
Mosin tomato stakes sold by the ton
These are a few of my favorite guns.

Rusty top-breaks!
Smallbore Schuetzens!
And all of Browning's spawn
I just keep on browsing my favorite guns
Until all my money's gone.
Thanks to the still-unknown medical bills hanging over my head, I don't really have any huge plans for this show, mostly just seeing and being seen and socializing with my peeps who I only see at Fun Show time.

Oh, I do need to get a couple magazines for the next 2k test gun...

That's right, thanks to the assistance of Commander Zero at Notes From the Bunker, it's fixin' to get all 1990's up in this place...