Saturday, June 16, 2018

Nothing so exciting...

Glock blue guns from Ring's have always been only available via gray market to the general public, retailed by secondary sellers.

People often wonder why this is:
Can't have irresponsible and untrained civilians owning things that LOOK like Glocks, but buy all the real guns they want. 
I don't get it. 
Bear in mind, this is GLOCK making the demand, not Blue Guns.
Civilian trainers can buy them for civilian training and civilian holster makers can buy them for civilian holster-making, but Glock apparently has a bee in their bonnet about cosplay or running around the back yard playing cowboys and bank robbers with anything that might look like their product. a level nearly unique among firearms companies other than maybe HK...vigorously protects its branding and trade dress and is real squirrelly about who it lets do what with it. Making a toy gun that even looks too much like a Glock will probably get you a visit from Smyrna's legal beagles with an armload of C&D's.

Glocks are apparently super srs bzness.